Nestled along the picturesque shores of Lake Victoria in Uganda lies the Together We Love Ministry, a beacon of hope for orphaned children, led by Masa Fredrick and his mother.  

This article is a follow up to our previous one sharing about Masa’s journey: 


We join the children as they have recently started another semester at school, and an exciting new development has taken place: the first Love Peace Harmony calligraphy field in their village has arrived and is now set up at their orphanage, serving their community. 

This compassionate orphanage provides a nurturing home for over 70 children, offering them essential provisions, education, and unwavering support. With a steadfast commitment to their mission, the organization strives to create a brighter future for every child under their care, fostering love, peace, and harmony in their hearts and community. 

Despite having such limited access to food and water, the children still come together in community and sing Love Peace and Harmony daily. 

In the face of such scarcity of resources, on many days their faith is what gets them through. 

Every day, the children come together in heartwarming unity to uplift each other as a community through the transformative power of Love, Peace, and Harmony. There is strength in numbers: The Love Peace Harmony Field can be amplified exponentially, proportionate to the number of people participating. When we participate in the Love Peace Harmony Field together, we amplify the power of the field by degrees. When we practice for each other, we get much more benefit than just practicing for ourselves. When we take care of the whole, in turn, we are taken care of. This principle is well known to the children, expressed well in their native language of Luganda in the word ‘Obuuntu’, or ‘Ubuntu’ as it is more commonly known, a word which describes a set of closely related African-origin value systems that emphasize the interconnectedness of individuals with their surrounding societal and physical worlds, often translated as “I am because we are.”

Listen to their soulful rendition of Love Peace and Harmony, sung in both English and Luganda, their native language, while the children trace their new Love Peace Harmony calligraphies serving their community: 


The lyrics to Love Peace and Harmony in Luganda: 

“Njagala omutima gwange ne’meme yange 

Njagala abantu boona 

Yunga emitima ne’meme waamu 

Kwagala mirembe n’okwatagana 

Kwagala mirembe n’okwatagana” 



“Nyah-gah-lah oh-moo-tee-mah gwahn-geh neh meh-meh yahn-geh. 

Nyah-gah-lah ah-ban-too boo-na. 

Yoon-geh mi-tee-mah neh meh-meh wah-moo. 

Kwah-gah-lah mee-rehm-beh noh-kwah-tah-gah-nah. 

Kwah-gah-lah mee-rehm-beh noh-kwah-tah-gah-nah.”