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Love, Peace and Harmony Multilingual Song Lyrics

Explore the lyrics of the Love, Peace and Harmony Song, available in over 70 languages worldwide and still growing. Look for your language and spread the positive vibes by sharing the lyrics with friends globally. Let’s amplify the message of love, peace, and harmony across our planet together.

If your language isn’t listed, you can contribute by submitting a new translation.

Printable Song Sharing Card

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Singing for world peace – Share the love

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Love, Peace and Harmony Mandalas Coloring Book

Dive into the delightful world of creativity with this unique printable mandala coloring book, thoughtfully crafted by Tom Hecker, a dedicated volunteer from LPHF. Whether you’re a child or an adult, the inviting pages are brimming with positive messages and intricate designs, providing an opportunity for everyone to unwind and express their artistic flair. So, take a moment to immerse yourself in the joy of coloring and let this special book be a source of relaxation and artistic inspiration for everyone in the family!

Love, Peace and Harmony Classroom Resources

Take 5 & Thrive" Love Peace Harmony Practice

Elevate your classroom experience with this resource, designed to integrate into your curriculum, enhancing the learning environment and creating a culture of love, peace, and harmony by LPHF Volunteer, Claudia Thompson. Discover the power of taking just five minutes to thrive, using these transformative tools to cultivate a positive atmosphere in your classroom. Elevate your teaching and create a space where students can flourish both academically and emotionally.

Manifest Your Magnificence “I AM” Affirmations

Unlock your inner greatness with ‘Manifest Your Magnificence’ ‘I AM’ Affirmations by LPHF Volunteer, Susan Howson. Whether you print them out, share them, or display them prominently, these affirmations empower your students to uplift their daily lives. Encourage creativity by incorporating these affirmations into games or sharing sessions, allowing each student to connect with the affirmation that resonates most with them on any given day.

Morning Mindfulness Experience Script

Embrace the serenity of these morning mindfulness experience meditation scripts. Begin your day on a positive note with our Morning Mindfulness Meditations, created by Susan Howson, these guided meditations are perfect for sharing over your PA system or with your students. Set a positive tone for the day, promoting mindfulness and tranquility as you start your morning journey

Embracing Love Peace Harmony Through Music Curriculum

Exploring Love, Peace, and Harmony with the Power of Music Curriculum. Embark on a captivating journey with our inclusive music curriculum designed for students. Whether you’re a music educator seeking fresh ideas or someone looking to infuse the magic of music into your daily interactions with children, this resource, curated by LPHF Volunteer and teacher, Helen Chan, offers valuable insights. Discover innovative ways to integrate love, peace, and harmony into your everyday uplifting activities, and enrich the lives of those you teach and engage with.

Open Heartedness Mindfulness

Promote open-hearted mindfulness within your classroom setting by creating an atmosphere that encourages heartfelt connections. Embrace practices that nurture a sense of gratitude, centered breathing, grounding techniques, emotional awareness, and attunement to the body. Cultivate an environment that inspires students to engage with mindfulness from the depths of their hearts, facilitating not only personal growth but also profound interpersonal connections.

Love Peace Harmony Music Score

Enjoy the original love, peace and harmony songs