Listen to the Divine Soul Song Love, Peace and Harmony

Love, Peace and Harmony
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You can use this audio file to make your own CDs to share with others. To download on your computer, right-click on the image above, and choose Save link as. Then select the location on your computer where to store the file.

On Android mobile devices, click on the image to start the player, then click the download link in the player (the downward arrow on the right). For Apple mobile devices, tthere are also a number of apps that allow you to download MP3s onto your phone, including iCab, idownloader and Documents 6. As an example, in the App Store if you search for IDM, you will find IDM Free – Browser, Files… If you get that and install it will show up as iBrowser. At the bottom of the app are icons for Browser, Cloud, Downloads, File Manager and Settings. In the Browser tab, go to this page ( and click on the image above the says Download MP3. Pick the choice Download, then click Done in the Add Download screen. You will see the progress in the Downloads tab. When the file has downloaded, click on the File Manager and then click on the file name (LovePeaceHarmony.mp3). The player with a graphic will come up and the LPH song will start playing (you can control play from the controls on the screen). Note that this is just an example of the download managers available for iOS and that this one does have occasional ads (that can be closed).

Love, Peace and Harmony
lyrics in multiple languages

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CD label and cover

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Love Peace Harmony
Chanting for World Peace

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Multiple Languages Resource (older version for volunteers)

This older version includes a description in English, and lyrics in multiple languages.