Who we are: mission & vision

The Love Peace Harmony Foundation (LPHF) promotes a world of love, peace, and harmony.

We empower individuals, organizations, and communities through our transformative Tao Calligraphy™, Tao Song™ and humanitarian activities.

Inspired by the Love Peace Harmony Song, received in 2005, we have become a beacon of upliftment and transformation.

As a registered non-profit organization since 2008, we strive for worldwide peace. Our innovative programs impact lives globally, fostering harmony and well-being. We inspire a sustainable future, restoring balance for a peaceful and harmonious world.

our impact

We dream of a world filled with love, peace, and harmony. Through our journey, we have taken significant steps towards manifesting this vision with the support of our remarkable partners, we are grateful for our dedicated supporters.

In recent years, we have accomplished meaningful milestones, such as sharing the song, contributing to reforestation initiatives, and reaching out to as many people as we can across the globe. We are proud of the impact we have made, and here are a few noteworthy examples.

Love Peace Harmony Sessions

Virtual Engagement through ETP (past 7 months) over 6,400 views + #socials

½ million people at LPH Sessions

Trees Planted: 1,393,430 and counting

Unique Donors: 2,716

836 volunteers worldwide,
in every continent
except Antarctica

Over 20 global partners

Countries we’re in: 49

our goals

1.5 billion people singing love, peace and harmony by 2028.

Support humanitarian causes.

Environment (Clean Water).

our focus in 2023

In 2023, the Love Peace Harmony Foundation focuses on expanding the impact of LPHF Field Facilitators, spreading messages of peace and love through Tao Calligraphy™ and Tao Song™ of Love Peace Harmony. We aim to reach underserved areas, addressing critical needs like clean water, while collaborating with Elikia Hope Foundation to build 10 wells in the Democratic Republic of Congo, providing clean water to 60,000 people and fostering better health and education.

Clean Water Well Project in DRC

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, founder of the Love Peace Harmony Foundation, has partnered with Queen Diambi, the founder of the Elikia Hope Foundation, to address the challenge of water scarcity in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

This joint effort aims to build 10 wells that can provide clean water to 60,000 people, and has had a significant impact on promoting health and education in the region.

LPHF Field Facilitators Worldwide

LPHF Field Facilitators have become a symbol of peace and love, spreading the message and vibrations through the field made up of Tao Calligraphy and Tao Song of Love Peace Harmony. We have reached over half a million people with our sessions (in 2022) and envision the field reaching many more this year. Your contributions support our expansion in areas of greatest need such as low-income neighborhoods, schools, daycares, hospitals, senior care homes, youth shelters, places of worship, areas experiencing lack of basic living necessities such as food, clean water and shelter.