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Welcome to the Love Peace Harmony Foundation—a global catalyst for positive change. We are a dynamic force dedicated to realizing a simple yet profound vision: a world filled with love, peace, and harmony, a vision we collectively strive to turn into reality.

Our goals revolve around empowering individuals and entire communities through our transformative song, calligraphy, and humanitarian projects.

At the heart of our foundation is a special song by our founder, Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Crafted to bring transformation and upliftment during challenging times, this song has become the heart of our organization.

Since our establishment in 2008, registered as a non-profit in the United States, we’ve expanded our impact globally with volunteer activities spanning over 49 countries. 

Below, explore some highlights of our foundation’s focus areas and recent special projects—a glimpse into the daily activities of our dedicated community. 

With hundreds of volunteer-led projects around the world, this is just a snapshot into the daily activities of our community who diligently commit themselves to bringing hope and light in times of challenge and darkness, because we truly believe that together, we can create a world of love, peace and harmony.



Within our global network of dedicated volunteers engaging in diverse healthcare initiatives, we are thrilled about expanding our services to hospitals, exemplified by Sylvie Varin, an esteemed LPHF Volunteer and accomplished Anesthetist at a prestigious hospital in France. Sylvie has successfully integrated the Love Peace Harmony Field into her hospital, establishing a permanent place for rejuvenation and solace for doctors, nurses, and other frontline support workers. 

You can learn more about Sylvie’s work here:

The introduction of wellness initiatives like the Love Peace Harmony Field in hospitals is paramount due to the high-stress nature of healthcare environments, where professionals often face intense pressure. This dedicated space can create stress reduction and increase emotional well-being, positively impacting healthcare professionals’ resilience and, consequently, enhancing patient care. Embracing holistic wellness practices in hospitals acknowledges the mind-body connection in healthcare, supporting the well-being of healthcare professionals and contributing to a healthier and more compassionate healthcare environment, ultimately benefiting patient outcomes and service quality.


Children represent the future, and the youth play a pivotal role in shaping our world. The foundation of our societal structure is built within families, influencing how individuals engage with the world. Harmony at home often translates into harmony beyond, while disharmony can lead to trauma and pain. The Love Peace Harmony Foundation dedicates itself to numerous volunteer and foundation-led projects worldwide, focusing on enhancing the well-being of children, youth, and families. Our initiatives include sharing the transformative love, peace, and harmony song. In the face of rising youth mental health challenges and alarming suicide rates, providing an outlet and a supportive community becomes crucial. One of our inspiring stories features Gabi, who experienced a transformative journey, overcoming challenges with the empowering influence of the love, peace, and harmony song. Witness their impactful story in the documentary below, showcasing the positive influence of love, peace, and harmony on their life.


Our existence on earth is intricately tied to the environment, underscoring the need for reciprocal actions and innovative lifestyles that champion sustainability. The Love Peace Harmony Foundation is dedicated to supporting and actively participating in various environmental initiatives worldwide. As evident from our accomplishment of planting over 1.3 million trees, we are committed to positive change. Recently, we have broadened our environmental endeavors to address challenges related to water and natural disaster relief. Notably, our Maui campaign in addition to our clean water well construction in collaboration with the Elikia Hope Foundation, contributes to the restoration of communities affected by environmental crises.

Check out this video of Malia Davidson, LPHF Volunteer and Founder of Kumukahi Ke Aloha Sharing About their Sustainable Gardens in Hui Mahi ai Aina.


Our global network boasts over 250 active volunteers who passionately bring love, peace, and harmony to their communities regularly. The key to realizing our vision of a more loving, peaceful, and harmonious world lies in our active and ongoing community engagement. By actively connecting with their local regions, our volunteers establish meaningful relationships and partnerships within their communities, transcending borders, languages, and belief systems. This universal message is shared through simple yet impactful practices, such as the song and calligraphies, echoing the formula for world peace articulated by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha. Beginning at the individual level and extending to families, communities, cities, countries, and the world, this collaborative approach expresses the realization of love, peace, and harmony on a global scale.


APEC After School Care Program in Atlanta, Georgia

APEC stands for Assisting Families, Preparing Children, Establish Relationships and Caring Enough. They are a chain of afterschool care programs in Atlanta, Georgia founded by Angie Dutch. In the documentary below, we showcase the extensive work done through APEC’s aftercare program in 13 locations and counting. These programs have seamlessly integrated the principles of love, peace, and harmony into their corporate philosophy, profoundly impacting the communities they serve. The initiative at APEC focuses on nurturing children in a loving and productive environment, preparing them for success, and promoting love, respect, and trust among families, schools, and staff. Their commitment to excellence is reinforced by modeling positive behavior daily, demonstrating a deep care for the communities they serve.

Waimanalo Houseless Camp, Hui Mahi‘ai ‘Aina, LPHF Community Collaboration Project in Hawai'i

The Love Peace Harmony Foundation has dedicated efforts within the houseless community of Hui Mahi’ai ‘Aina in Waimanalo founded by Aunty Blaunche. Their purpose is multifaceted, with a focus on physically increasing accessibility to healthy food, providing educational opportunities for nutritional management, and enhancing social capital for the disadvantaged and houseless. Economically, they aim to create a sustainable food ecosystem, reduce food waste, and improve per-capita farming productivity. They actively engage with the community and support native Hawaiian cultural practices to cultivate, support, and enhance growth among those in need. Their holistic approach aims to improve the quality of life for all individuals and families in the community. Check out our documentary below to learn more about this extraordinary project:

Tree Planting with One Tree Planted and Eden Reforestation (US)

The Love Peace Harmony Foundation, in collaboration with One Tree Planted and Eden Reforestation, set out to restore and safeguard our natural ecosystems. Together, we planted trees, nurturing vital forest habitats and making strides in reducing our carbon footprint. 


One Tree Planted focused on North and Latin America, Asia, and Africa, while Eden Reforestation tackled deforestation in countries such as Haiti, Indonesia, Madagascar, and Nepal. Our journey in tree planting received a significant boost from our corporate partner, Nikita Karizma, whose commitment to tree planting is extended to their customers and supporters, with every share of their ‘Plant a Tree’ Instagram filter resulting in a new tree planted.

Through our partnership with these organizations, the Love Peace Harmony Foundation achieved reforestation on a global scale, emphasizing care, empathy, and respect towards the environment. The reforestation project created community and collaboration, inspiring people to work together towards the shared goal of sustainability. The Love Peace Harmony Foundation has exceeded our “Plant-A-Million” goal by planting 1.3 Million trees. 


Our Love Peace Harmony Foundation team embarked on a transformational journey through various provinces in Ecuador from June 13th to June 27th. Our mission was simple but profound: to bring love, and peace to the communities we encountered while filming a documentary to share the service of LPHF in Ecuador to bring community transformation with the world. The impact was truly remarkable. Learn more about the journey in the vlog below and the link to our article. Stay tuned for updates on the official documentary release in 2024. 

Check out our journey through Ecuador with Alexia Cito, LPHF Director

Nearly 60,000 at-Risk Villagers Will Have Access to Safe Water Humanitarian Effort Led by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha and Queen Diambi Kabatusuila

A humanitarian initiative led by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha and Queen Diambi Kabatusuila aims to bring hope and safe water access to at-risk communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The initiative pledges to construct ten water wells in rural villages, providing safe water for nearly 60,000 people. With over 33 million lacking access to safe water in the region, this effort addresses a critical need, particularly impacting women and girls who spend hours collecting water from distant sources. The infrastructure, utilizing advanced drilling technology, aims to combat water-borne diseases, malnutrition, and open pathways for education and economic empowerment. Queen Diambi Kabatusuila, who leads over 1.5 million people in the Central Kasaï region, expressed joy at the prospect of improved health and opportunities for her community. This initiative builds on the Love Peace Harmony Foundation’s prior success in installing a well in Tshiole village in 2022, with the first of the ten new wells planned for Bakwa Indu village. See a video below of  Queen Diambi discussing the well building effort: