A journey of service 4 years in the making, in June 2023, volunteers from the Love Peace Harmony Foundation created a team that embarked on a journey of service to Ecuador, living with Quechua indigenous communities in the Andes, working with children in schools and urban youth soccer clubs, visiting healing centers and sharing the message of love, peace and harmony.

With a commitment at its heart to promoting unity, compassion, and the well-being of all, Love Peace Harmony Foundation embarked on an adventure to serve and connect deeper with the vibrant and ancient cultures of Ecuador. The project sought to bridge gaps and forge new friendships by reaching out to the Quechua community, embracing their traditions, and cherishing the vibrant culture. We were only able to do this because of the many generations of collaboration with our volunteer families and their communities. It was truly profound.

Love Peace Harmony Foundation had the privilege of engaging with numerous communities, allowing for authentic cultural exchanges and the sharing of the message of love, peace and harmony. The project aimed to bring a sense of unity, mutual respect, and understanding among people from different backgrounds.

In partnership with Israel Flores and coordinated by Geanina Arevalo, hosted a heartwarming event for the elderly at Hacienda La Alegria. Over 60 seniors, staff, as well as 4 doctors engaged in a Love Peace Harmony Field event including dancing, games, sharing food and tea, as well as providing individual and group sessions to the participants throughout the night. 

The team visited the San Pablo school, where they shared a Love Peace Harmony presentation with about 300 children. Afterwards, they went to see how local people make corn flour using the power of the river.  

LPHF was welcomed by a grand coliseum event held by Gladys and Raymundo, with over 280 adults, and 500 children present. This was a significant occasion for the entire town, with many families and individuals participating. People even closed their stores and shops early just to attend a special event that they put on just for love, peace and harmony. Our team was truly touched and honoured. There was music, dancing and other traditional demonstrations. 

The next day, the team interviewed Gladys and Raymundo, and heard their inspiring vision for their school, their students, and their project, as well as how selflessly they serve their community, feeding the children every single day and doing everything that they can to uplift their community.

The team then travelled to Tinku, a center for Andean integrative therapies lead by Jorge Taris and Esther Elijama, that serves as a sacred space for the rescue and promotion of ancestral knowledge, dedicated to promoting culture, music, dress and other aspects that are essential to the identity of their people and the preservation of their heritage.   Their visit included several sacred ceremonies, as well as sessions in the Love Peace Harmony Field where many local people came to receive transformation.  

The team visited the coastal city of Guayaquil for a remarkable community event organized by a local soccer school, with over 300 people participating in events at stations throughout the day in their soccer field, including Love Peace Harmony meditation, calligraphy writing and tracing, as well as a forgiveness station. 

The team then proceeded to visit Cotacachi in the mountains, welcomed and hosted by Miguel Calapi, an Indigenous elder, who leads the Center for Activities and Autonomy for Daily Living.  

Over the next several days, the team learned from Miguels community, their wisdom and ways of life, as well as participated in their activities, including scared ceremonies, river rituals, dancing, singing, harvesting, and even participating in the sacred Inti Raymi festival, to honour the sun. Gathering in the central square of the community, the team joined thousands of people and embarked on the ancient marching dance, in which the men and women march in turn, which carries a very powerful significance, to balance the energies. 

A special message of honour, gratitude and appreciation to the community leaders in Ecuador: Lenin Coloma, Gady Ardila, Rosa Solis, Esther Elijama, Jorge Taris, Miguel Angel Ardila, Rene Arevalo, Pola Coloma, Miguel Calapi, Wayri Calapi, and also to the project leaders of this service journey Adventures in Ecuador, our very own LPH Field Facilitators: Geanina Arevalo, Maria del Carmen Arevalo, Diane Fujio, Shunya Barton and Sean Murphy.