Love Peace Harmony Foundation is joyously celebrating a significant milestone – the establishment of the first-ever Love Peace Harmony initiative in Uganda. This achievement is credited to the dedication and uniqueness of Masa Fredrick, one of our recently onboarded Love Peace Harmony Volunteers.

At the age of 21, Masa takes on the incredible responsibility of caring for 70 orphaned children through his organization, Together We Love Ministry, which he runs alongside his mother. The organization’s vision is clear – to provide a better home and education for every child under their care.

The journey of Together We Love Ministry began in 2018, and despite facing initial challenges, particularly in securing financial support, Masa and his mother remained steadfast in their commitment to their community’s children. Their optimism and perseverance laid the foundation for the positive transformations that would follow.

Masa, a single mother’s only son, shares the profound impact that singing the Love Peace Harmony song has had on both his life and the community. Initially, only a few children joined in, but as the melodies of Love Peace Harmony filled the air, the entire community embraced the practice. They joyfully sang the song in their native language, Luganda, as well as in English, absorbing the uplifting messages it carried.

Reflecting on his personal journey with Love Peace Harmony, Masa expresses, “Ever since I began singing the Love Peace and Harmony song, I am free of my stress.” This newfound sense of peace is especially significant for Masa, who faced pressures related to food and water scarcity. Now, he finds solace in the song, incorporating it into the daily morning prayers for the children before they head to school.

Recently, Masa received Love Peace Harmony cards and solar players to further serve his community. In an extraordinary display of dedication, he walked an impressive 72 kilometers on foot to collect these resources and another 72 kilometers back to his village with the precious cargo. When communicating with our team, he humbly shared, “I don’t rest sister; it’s my job to stay awake. I have to care for my family and all people under my care. I have to give protection all the time to them.”

Before distributing these resources to widowed community members, Masa initiated a prayer, seeking that these tools be used in the most meaningful way. Subsequently, 20 widows, whose children are under Masa’s care in the orphanage, stepped forward to receive them. Masa emphasized that the Love Peace Harmony Foundation and the transformative Tao Light that emanates through Love Peace and Harmony are the cornerstones of his ability to support and protect these vulnerable members of his community.

In a testament to his dedication, Masa recently became a Love Peace Harmony Volunteer. He shares his initial challenges of introducing Love Peace and Harmony to his community, a journey akin to a child born into a community, revealing a new aspect of themselves. Undeterred, Masa persisted, and after four consecutive days of sharing, the sessions grew to include 50 participants. One by one, the community members are discovering the profound power of the Love Peace Harmony song and its transformative field.