In a serene and iconic setting, Love Peace Harmony volunteers Christine, Leslie, and Yectzin brought the Love Peace Harmony Walkathon to Muir Woods National Monument in California. This location holds special significance, as it is where the Love Peace Harmony song was first sung by Dr. & Master Sha, the founder of the Love Peace Harmony Foundation.

During their walk, the volunteers encountered a family speaking in Spanish, Yectzin’s first language. Christine, with her warm spirit, introduced the Love Peace Harmony song to them. One of the family members expressed enthusiasm, while the two boys seemed a bit hesitant. Yectzin assured them that participation was optional, and the boys relaxed.

After singing the Love Peace Harmony song, Leslie offered the family a Love Peace Harmony CD. The man, visibly moved, opened his arms to receive it. When asked if he was open to receiving a Love Peace Harmony blessing, the family eagerly agreed. Yectzin, Christine, and Leslie then activated the Love Peace Harmony Field, allowing the man to experience the vibrational frequency of Love Peace Harmony.

The family, deeply touched, shared that they had traveled from Argentina to Muir Woods for the man’s health condition. Yectzin shared Dr. & Master Sha’s wisdom of speaking to the cells of our body to encourage them to return to a healthy state. The family gathered around, sending their love and light to the man. By the end of the Love Peace Harmony practice, the family came together in a big hug.

The volunteers exchanged contacts with the family, offering further support and keeping in touch. The gratitude and love shared during this encounter were palpable, leaving a lasting impact on all involved.