In a unique twist to the Love Peace Harmony Foundation’s (LPHF) 2023 Walkathon fundraiser, volunteer Jitka Kells introduced the first-ever LPH Swimathon. Inspired by her love for swimming in the ocean and the picturesque West coast of Canada, Jitka decided to combine her passion for swimming with the mission of spreading love, peace, and harmony.

Jitka shared, “I always sing when I swim. We can sing the Love Peace Harmony song everywhere we go, and that way, serve Mother Earth literally with every step. I was inspired by another Love Peace Harmony volunteer when she started singing LPH during her walks in Vancouver. I simply applied that to my passion: swimming in the ocean. I have friends who also love to swim throughout the year, so it was easy for me to organize our local LPH Swimathon.”

On the day of the event, seven friends gathered at Jitka’s favorite local beach, Coles Bay on Vancouver Island, to take the plunge. Despite the chilly ocean temperature of around 10 degrees Celsius, participants waded into the water while singing Love Peace and Harmony.

Jitka’s inspiration for the Swimathon was not just about swimming; she also wanted to contribute to a meaningful cause. She linked the funds raised from the event to building water wells in the Democratic Republic of the Congo through LPHF’s partnership with the Elikia Hope Foundation. The group raised $100 in cash and an additional $50 online.

Reflecting on the success of the Swimathon, Jitka encouraged others to share their ideas and inspire action. She said, “I invite people to share their ideas with others. I learned that when we share, we can inspire others to take action, just like I was inspired.”

The LPH Swimathon was a testament to the power of creativity, passion, and community coming together for a meaningful cause. It showcased how individuals can make a difference in their own unique ways, spreading love, peace, and harmony to those in need.