In the serene setting of Thalersee, a picturesque lake in Graz, Austria, 19 individuals gathered for a unique and meaningful event—the 2023 Walkathon fundraiser organized by Love Peace Harmony Foundation (LPHF).

Klaudia Seidl, a dedicated Love Peace Harmony volunteer, shared the inspiration behind choosing this beautiful location. “We chose the lake because water has the unique ability to absorb information. Just as the human body, which is more than 70% water, can absorb these messages too. The information we shared was through singing the Love Peace Harmony song during the entire walk.”

The participants, united in their mission to spread love, peace, and harmony, embarked on a journey around the lake, singing the Love Peace Harmony song. The atmosphere was filled with positivity and joy as they walked together, surrounded by the natural beauty of the lake and its surroundings.

After the Walkathon, participants shared their experiences, expressing a sense of happiness and fulfillment. Some described the walk as a deeply meaningful and special experience, feeling an abundance of love and light throughout the event.

The 2023 LPHF Walkathon in Graz, Austria, was not just a fundraiser—it was a celebration of unity, positivity, and the power of music to uplift and inspire. Through their collective efforts, the participants contributed to spreading love, peace, and harmony in their community and beyond.