In April 2023, Tina Puri, a dedicated volunteer, embarked on a heartfelt journey at her local Hindu temple. She initiated a program for seniors, where around 30-35 individuals gathered weekly to share in the Love Peace Harmony experience. This initiative has since blossomed into a beautiful opportunity for participants to connect with their ancestors and loved ones in a profound way.

During the auspicious fourteen-day period of Pitru Paksh, from September 30th to October 14th, Tina and her group embarked on a transformative journey. They dedicated 30 minutes each evening on Zoom to connect with their ancestors, offering love and forgiveness while practicing in the Love Peace Harmony Field. This was a first-time experience for many, and the impact was profound.

One participant, in tears, shared her gratitude for finally being able to connect with her mother, who had passed away suddenly. Another participant, also in tears, expressed her intimate experience of connecting with her husband, whom she had lost seven years ago. The group shared their experiences of deep connection and release, with one participant even dreaming of her father during the sessions.

Tina herself found solace in these sessions, having lost her father earlier that year. Her children also found healing and connection through the meditations, connecting with their grandfather and ancestors.

Tina’s dedication to spreading love, peace, and harmony extends beyond her local temple. For the past four years, she has been hosting online sessions for adults and seniors, as well as serving a group of 35-40 girls at an orphanage in India twice a week.

Through Tina’s efforts, many have found solace, healing, and connection with their ancestors and loved ones. The Love Peace Harmony experience continues to touch lives and bring people together in a profound and meaningful way.