In the heart of West Palm Beach, Florida, LPHF Field Facilitator Pamela Carmo is leading a transformative journey of love, peace, and harmony. Her sessions, held twice a month at the Sari Asher Center in Good Samaritan Hospital, offer solace and a sense of calm to those facing the challenges of cancer. 

The Sari Center, a non-profit integrative cancer center, provides an array of holistic therapies, including massage, acupuncture, counseling, and hypnotherapy. In addition to these therapies, they have recently introduced LPHF group meditations, and the response has been wonderful. The sessions are open to cancer patients, their caregivers, and hospital staff. As the word spreads, more people join. 


The impact of these sessions is profound. Attendees frequently share how much more peaceful and relaxed they feel after engaging with the practices. For those going through cancer treatment or recovery, this peace is a precious gift. 

One first-time attendee, currently during cancer treatment, expressed their thoughts, saying, “I try to stay positive while going through cancer treatment, and I believe that coupled with the high vibration and frequency of the LPH calligraphies, it can only help me feel better and maintain a positive outlook.” 

Pamela Carmo’s sessions at the Sari Asher Center are a testament to the power of love, peace, and harmony in nurturing the well-being of individuals facing the challenges of cancer. These sessions offer positivity and hope, emphasizing the profound impact of love, peace and harmony practices in creating a more peaceful and harmonious world, one heart at a time.