Love Peace Harmony Volunteer Carol Jean-Joseph lives in Martinique, which is an island in the Caribbean. On Monday, June 19th, 2023, the people of Martinique were alerted to the presence of tropical storm, Bret. On Tuesday, Martinique was placed under Cyclonic Warning Yellow, and by Wednesday, the storm was heading directly for Martinique. Alarmed, Carol jumped into action and connected with Laure, our leading teacher for the French speaking community. With her help, Carol gathered Love Peace Harmony community members from around the world over Zoom to chant Love Peace Harmony, to see if they could do anything to help the situation.

Then, an unexpected, timely miracle: the Love Peace Harmony calligraphies sent by the Love Peace Harmony Foundation, after being held by international shipping for more than a month, arrived at Carol’s door.

30 members of our Love Peace Harmony global community joined together in singing love, peace and harmony and practicing in the Love Peace Harmony Field for over 11 hours. 

On Thursday, they continued with confidence, in spite of the island being put on red alert. Then, the first rare phenomenon occurred: the storm, Bret, changed direction completely and headed further south, towards the smaller islands, completely sparing Martinique.

During the night, wind and rain caused some damage, cutting power lines and felling trees on the roads, depriving many of electricity, but with no loss of life, and no major damage. The locals waited for Bret with great confidence.  

On Friday morning, they woke up with a question: where had Bret gone? The people of Martinique were astounded to find out that it had completely lost its power, and even the islands farther South, Barbados, Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent, were spared any major damage.   

It was an amazing coincidence, and even professional weather analysis could not explain the protective shield that developed over the islands. The following was reported by a major meteorological account on Twitter:

But look at this protective shield above our heads! Some may not realize how lucky we are to have such a powerful wind-shear on our islands. Without this gift from heaven, #BRET and #CINDY could very easily have evolved into major hurricanes…”

Reflecting on this amazing transformation, Carol shared,
“The volunteers of the Caribbean join me in expressing their profound gratitude for the powerful tools that LPHF is sharing with us to create transformation during this difficult period on Earth. I can’t express my gratitude enough to those who chanted and supported this, to Laure for her unfailing guidance, and the confidence she instilled in us all, and most of all, to Master Sha and Love Peace Harmony Foundation.”
– Carol Jean-Joseph