Klaudia Seidl is a LPHF Volunteer living in Graz, Austria. In May of 2023, Klaudia embarked on a heart touching adventure, going on a love, peace and harmony tour across her country, 5 provinces in 7 days. Klaudia is half Romani, and has expressed that for a long time she has had a dream of traveling in a van and helping people, bringing service wherever she goes. 

In May of 2023, inspiration struck, she had the strong desire, now met with a purpose: she would bring the Love Peace Harmony Field with her across Austria. 

When we put inspiration into action, magic happens, and this is exactly what occurred for Klaudia: once she committed to the project and went into action, resources and opportunities naturally flowed into her life to support. She followed her intuition of what people she should call to plan where she would hold Love Peace Harmony Field sessions across the country, and people were enthusiastic to invite her to come. 

She borrowed a van, packed the love, peace and harmony calligraphies, and set off. Of the nine provinces of Austria, she visited five, and drove around 1,300 kilometers, and guided 7 meditations over 7 days. 

After each session, Klaudia felt such happiness, and, through her experience, a deeper understanding of the one-sentence wisdom ‘The purpose of life is to serve, to serve is to make others happier and healthier’. She expresses, “This is very true, no matter what my personal feeling is – after each time guiding the session, I feel happy, and I feel deep gratitude.”   

Participants shared with Klaudia many beautiful transformations and heart opening experiences that they had during the Love Peace Harmony sessions. Some expressed that although they had done many different kinds of practices before, that this was something unique, very special, very intense, and that they loved it. Others expressed great calmness of mind, and a general sense of well-being that they experienced. One person expressed they felt lightness in their feet, and that their pain there was gone. Another person even expressed that their pain was completely gone.