Ina Chartschenko, a dedicated Love Peace Harmony volunteer, resides on the picturesque island of Mallorca, nestled in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Spain. Inspired by the island’s natural beauty and her passion for spreading love and harmony, Ina embarked on a mission to bring the transformative power of Love Peace Harmony to her local community in a unique way: through beach events.

Choosing a scenic location just 3km from her home, near a harbor where a large part of the beach is dedicated to soccer and other sports clubs’ training areas, Ina began her journey. She shared flyers in both Spanish and English and utilized WhatsApp to reach over 200 mothers on the island, inviting them to join her for a Love Peace Harmony Field session.

Despite the initial challenges, Ina’s dedication paid off, and 13 people joined her for the session. For many, it was their first time experiencing the Love Peace Harmony Field in person. Before the session began, Ina encouraged each participant to choose a personal request they wanted to work on, whether it be for their physical body, emotional body, mental body, or relationships.

As the session unfolded, participants were captivated, eagerly participating with wide eyes, smiles, and shining faces. After the session, Ina invited everyone to reflect on their requests and see if anything had shifted. Remarkable transformations occurred, including one woman who, as a teacher, had challenges with self-love and self-worth. After the session, she expressed feeling a newfound love for herself.

Another participant, an elderly woman, shared her dream of serving more in her community. After the practice with the Love Peace Harmony Field, she felt more motivated and hopeful about her ability to make a positive impact, even through small acts of kindness.

Ina’s journey didn’t end there. She continued to hold Love Peace Harmony sessions across the island, including at a local community library, an outdoor spiritual market, and a holistic center. Each event brought its own unique experiences and transformations, from children participating in sacred chanting to heart-touching moments of connection and healing.

Ina’s dedication to spreading love, peace, and harmony in her community is a testament to the transformative power of these values. Her journey on the beaches of Mallorca has touched the lives of many, proving that even small beginnings can lead to profound change.