In Maui, Hawaii, a recent event called Kahu Ola, was the very first event where all firefighters and first responders were given time to come together after Maui’s 2023 wildfires devastated thousands of acres, including the historic town of Lahaina.  Among those present was Love Peace Harmony Volunteer Malia Davidson, who has been a coordinator for many on the ground relief efforts and supported during the disasters through her non-profit foundation, Kumukahi Ke Aloha. 

Malia shares, “Lots of stories were shared on this day. The healing was being shared throughout[…] These are my friends and ohana (family) that I’ve worked closely with recently and some for years. They are all heart centered and work with aloha.” 

Pictured is Malia with Zeke Kalua, Executive Assistant to Maui Mayor Bissen, who was among those who were driving into the community and serving day in and day out from the start of the fires. Zeke inspired the firemen with his own story of his generational home being burned in Lahaina. He shared healing, and also shared about their role in the community as being the safety net for the thousands of families who are grateful for their commitment to serve.  

Pictured is Makalapua Kanuha, the elder of the community. She calms the hearts of those who are helpless and moving into a negative mindset. She was called upon from the very start by Mayor Bissen to be a foundation for the Lahaina community. She is a cultural icon on Maui, and she is one of the few that can command the strong men of the island.  She is loved, and is also a supporter of Malia’s work.   

Pictured with Malia is Amos Lonokomaikai-Hewett, the newly appointed Emergency Management Director. Amos was the battalion captain when the last fires were raging, five years ago. People looked at him as a savior of Lahaina. He retired since then and now has been assigned to his current position. 

Maui’s legacy is one of strength and resilience, and its people are proactively working together as a community to ensure this.

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