Recently, at a locally run vegan & gluten-free café in Finland, the very first Love Peace Harmony event ever in the country took place. It included a guided world peace meditation in the evening, all coordinated and led by Love Peace Harmony Volunteer, Mirva Inkiri. Before this, the calligraphies had never been on display or experienced in this European country.  

The café’s two staff members on the day shared that they felt the Love Peace Harmony Field had brought them more customers. They expressed that they had had a great day. During one staff member’s break, he sat down to have his refreshments and asked questions about the founder of the Love Peace Harmony Foundation, Dr. & Master Sha, and how he had written the Love Peace Harmony Calligraphies. He expressed that he knew that the frequency was very high. He meditated for several minutes with the Love Peace Harmony Calligraphies with his eyes open. When his break was over, he expressed to Mirva that the calligraphies “sure have kick in them,” before expressing his gratitude.  

Another man visited the café later in the afternoon and took a keen interest in the Love Peace Harmony Field. He connected with the messages of the Field and connected his own meaning of the writing. When he asked Mirva for the meaning, he then bridged what he had seen with the words of Love Peace Harmony to make a link to universal truths and oneness, very much enjoying his experience. 

A local healer came to the guided world peace meditation in the evening and immediately calligraphy of ‘Peace’ caught her attention. She asked Mirva permission to approach the calligraphy. She could hardly keep her hands down and showed that she wanted to make the connection through her hands, and was not sure how. She was guided by the volunteer to put her palms to face the calligraphy and feel the Field. She was moved to tears. She expressed that her whole body was trembling. From the first moment and throughout the whole evening, her experience was very profound – she even requested an individual session. She expressed that the Field helped her consolidate experiences she had had recently and brought her clarity and focus for her role as a facilitator of healing for others.  

The café owner expressed that she had a very deeply rejuvenating experience from the guided meditation session. She shared visual experiences of significant messages that she had received and meanings of peace and harmony. She expressed that she was extremely grateful that the Field had been present at her café the whole day.