In the picturesque island of Mallorca, Spain, Love Peace Harmony Foundation Volunteer Ina Chartschenko creates a serene haven for a Love Peace Harmony Field session, unfolding a heartfelt tale of community, anticipation, and inspired action.

Ina’s chosen venue is a beautiful space near the harbor, providing an ideal setting for a group to come together and immerse themselves in the transformative power of the love, peace and harmony song and calligraphy. 

The narrative delves into the proactive steps Ina takes to share the event with her community. Ina’s reach extends beyond the local community, as she actively engages with various WhatsApp groups both on the island and globally. A particular highlight is the involvement of a sizable mommy group, comprising more than 200 international members, eagerly awaiting the end of the tourist season to join the love, peace and harmony session.

The backstory weaves in reflections on the history of Love Peace Harmony Field on the island, going back to the arrival of the first Love Peace Harmony Field from Gloria nearly two and a half years ago. Ina recalls past discussions about hosting a session on the beach.

The narrative is infused with the spirit of gratitude and inspiration, emphasizing the profound impact of Love Peace Harmony on Ina’s journey which has given her the ability to share this impactful practice with others she encounters in her local community to uplift their lives, just as love, peace and harmony has uplifted hers. 

The story serves as a testament to the transformative power of community, the enduring legacy of the Love Peace Harmony Field, and the beauty of finding the perfect harmony in a serene island setting.