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The Love Peace Harmony Foundation offers remarkable transformational tools, including our powerful message, uplifting song, and inspiring calligraphy art. You can bring these resources into your daily life, empowering yourself to tap into the Love Peace Harmony Field at any time, wherever you are. 

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Love Peace Harmony MP3 Player

The Love Peace Harmony MP3 Player, offers a transformative experience by infusing your surroundings with the calming and uplifting vibrations of the love, peace and harmony song. This rechargeable device is designed to create a harmonious ambiance, whether in the comfort of your home, at your workplace, or during your travels. With the flexibility to keep one MP3 player stationed at home while carrying another wherever you go, you can seamlessly integrate the soothing and positive energy of our special song into various aspects of your daily life. Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in a state of tranquility and promote a harmonious atmosphere wherever you are with this portable and accessible device.

Love Peace Harmony Calligraphy Card

The Love Peace Harmony Calligraphy Card is not just a visual art piece; it holds the power to activate an invisible field of loving, peaceful, and harmonious vibrations. By tracing and connecting with the intricate calligraphy on the card, you unlock a profound experience that uplifts not only your own life but also radiates positive energy to the world around you.

This Xiang Ai (Love) Ping An (Peace) He Xie (Harmony) calligraphy card serves as both a beautiful work of art and a practical tool for personal practice. Embrace its presence to bring balance, unity, and calmness into your daily life. Keep it at home, in your office, travel with it and discover new creative ways to integrate it into daily life.

Love Peace Harmony Solar Player

The Love Peace Harmony SOLAR MP3 Player harnesses the boundless power of the sun to spread love, peace, and harmony all across the globe. This unique device takes the form of a lotus flower, designed to be planted outdoors or strategically placed by a window or outside to gather the sunlight. Let it become a source of soothing and uplifting vibrations that resonate throughout your space, creating an atmosphere of tranquility all day long. Ideal for enhancing the well-being of your crops, gardens, houseplants, yards, and especially beneficial for rural areas lacking access to electricity, the Love Peace Harmony SOLAR MP3 Player brings a touch of serenity to every environment.

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Lu La Li Book

Discover the enchanting world of Lu La Li through this captivating book, a heartwarming narrative that beautifully embodies the essence of the love, peace, and harmony song. A wonderful addition to any children’s library, this book not only offers a delightful story but also supports our children’s programs. Available in English, French, and Spanish, Lu La Li is an ideal gift for spreading the positive and uplifting message of love, peace, and harmony.

Consider picking up multiple copies for gifts, contributing to your local schools, and supporting children’s shelters. By sharing this uplifting message through the pages of Lu La Li, you play a role in creating a sense of joy and harmony in the lives of young readers. Each purchase contributes to our meaningful children’s programs, making it a thoughtful and impactful way to spread love and positivity within your community. Join us in sharing the joy of Lu La Li and embracing the power of love, peace, and harmony.