One song can change the world!

Love Peace Harmony Foundation was founded in 2006 and formally registered in the USA as a nonprofit in 2008.

The mission of the Foundation is to serve all humanity and to make others happier and healthier. The goal is to raise the consciousness of humanity by singing Love, Peace and Harmony to uplift the frequency and vibration of Mother Earth. On a practical level, the Foundation initiates and partners with other aligned organizations and nonprofits to offer assistance and support on numerous local and global humanitarian efforts.

Most recently, Master Sha hosted a museum style exhibition in Honolulu, Hawaii, showcasing a collection of his Tao Calligraphies. He  generously donated all of the proceeds from this event to the Mālama Learning Center of West Oahu, adding to Love Peace Harmony Foundation’s partnership with the county of Honolulu to plant trees to cover 35% of Oahu by 2035. This partnership will help reforest the watershed and educate students with hands-on experience about their heritage, nature, local replanting efforts, and how to succeed in school and life.

Some of our other projects range from nurturing happy, healthy kids with Love Peace Harmony calligraphies at APEC preschool in Atlanta, GA; building a bore well to supply clean, fresh water for the Village of Sanjapur in India; bringing water filters to produce clean water for survivors of a devastating hurricane in Dominica; musical concerts in Toronto to raise funds for local nonprofits; meditation, singing and stress reduction for veterans with PTSD and formerly incarcerated veterans in Hawaii; meditation and singing for adults, children, and mentally and physically disabled children in Mumbai, Bangalore and New Delhi, India; participating in International Women’s Peace Group World Tour in Sydney, Australia to name a few.

The Foundation has partnered with other nonprofits to help make others happier and healthier in several countries. We supported WandAid’s humanitarin work in Nepal to provide families with the resources to be able to rebuild their lives after the earthquakes in that country. Another partner in the project was the Roddick Foundation.

We have a prototype outreach program with Bhutan for developing countries and remote locations. In partnership with Tarayana Foundation, a non-profit organization working to uplift and enhance lives of vulnerable individuals and communities in Bhutan, this program works with children and families in isolated villages to support their access to education, healthcare and proper nutrition. The Foundation taught the local villagers how they can use Master Sha’s Four Power Techniques and how to sing Love, Peace and Harmony to help people maintain health and happiness. Also, we have brought essential micro nutrients from our nonprofit partner, Vitamin Angels, to help malnourished children, pregnant women and lactating mothers sustain health and vitality.

Love Peace Harmony Foundation is growing and we are looking forward to collaborating with more people, organizations and countries to be happy and healthy. We look forward to your support and collaboration.

Addendum: The Divine Soul Song Love, Peace and Harmony has been credited with many deeply transformative experiences by the people who have experienced it, lowering crime rates, incidences of physical abuse, and improving the health for women in low income homes in Mumbai, as well as increasing children’s intelligence and school performance. Singing Love, Peace and Harmony for children in the slums of Mumbai (Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum) also resulted in greater emotional balance, happiness and other emotional benefits.  Many of these remarkable results are being documented now and a growing body of substantiable information is being gathered so that the benefits of this song can spread even wider.

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How Love, Peace and Harmony began

On September 10, 2005, Master Sha asked the Divine for a song for his Divine Mission. He immediately received Love, Peace and Harmony in the Divine’s Soul Language:

Lu La Lu La Li
Lu La Lu La La Li
Lu La Lu La Li Lu La
Lu La Li Lu La
Lu La Li Lu La

The English translation of these lyrics is:

I love my heart and soul I love all humanity Join hearts and souls together Love, peace and harmony Love, peace and harmony

The first line, Lu La Lu La Li means I love my heart and soul. Love melts blockages and transforms all life. Love your soul. Soul is the boss. Love your soul to heal your soul. Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow.

With the second line, Lu La Lu La La Li, which means I love all humanity, the Divine gives humanity and all souls the simplest and most profound practical tool to offer service to others, to the world and to all universes. When you sing or chant I love all humanity, divine love, forgiveness, compassion and light from this Divine Soul Song are offering divine service to humanity and all souls.

The third line, Lu La Lu La Li Lu La, which means Join hearts and souls together, is a divine calling. The Divine is calling all humanity, all nations, all souls and all universes to join hearts and souls together as one. This “one” means to join with the Divine’s heart, soul and consciousness. Open the hearts and souls of everyone and everything to awaken and transform their consciousnesses to join with the Divine as one.

The fourth and fifth lines, Lu La Li Lu La, which means Love, peace and harmony, are the same line repeated to emphasize these spiritual qualities. The ultimate objective of the Divine Mission is love, peace and harmony. The Divine is leading us to join hearts and souls to achieve this goal.

How Love, Peace and Harmony began

Divine Soul Songs flow from the Source of all healing. When you sing or listen to Love, Peace and Harmony, you’re tapping into the power of sound healing. Beyond that, you are activating the power of Divine frequency and vibration that flow through all Divine Soul Songs.

Every organism has its own vibratory rate. Recent scientific studies have identified specific sound frequencies that relate to different parts of the body. Therapeutic sound healing attunes your soul, mind and body by balancing your energy, and restoring your natural harmony and well-being.

Divine Soul Songs carry the high frequency and vibration of love, forgiveness, compassion and light. Your body naturally resonates with this elevated frequency, and responds by activating a higher frequency of love, peace and harmony throughout your being.

Singing Love, Peace and Harmony is so powerful because:

  • Love melts all blockages and transforms all life.
  • Forgiveness brings inner joy and inner peace.
  • Compassion boosts energy, stamina, vitality and immunity.
  • Light heals, rejuvenates and transforms relationships, finances and every aspect of life.