Love melts all blockages and transforms all life!


The purpose of the website is to provide unique support, powerful techniques and resources for teachers, families, caregivers and volunteers to foster Love, Peace and Harmony in schools, childcare and family programs.  Our vision is to empower teachers, families, caregivers and volunteers to help transform schools, childcare and family programs by embracing and sharing Love, Peace and Harmony.

We welcome you to look through our site, use our resources, share your experiences and join our Love, Peace and Harmony Global family.

Heartfulness Program

The Love Peace Harmony Heartfulness Program offers tools that children, families and educators can use to create a space for creativity, self expression and connection both inside and with one another.

Each tool is based on activities that can be done by connecting with our own heart, as a centre for experiencing emotions, receiving and radiating positive messages, transforming our frequency and vibration, connecting with our inner self and with our families and communities. The tools include the Heartfelt meditation program, heartfelt activities and heartfelt resources.

We also share testimonials and feedback from the global community on how the tools offered through this program are touching hearts all over the world, making a positive impact in the lives of children, youth and families.

Heartfulness Meditation

Our world is going through many changes, impacting the level of stress, anxiety and sense of balance in children, youth and families.

The Love, Peace and Harmony Heartfulness Meditation program carries the Universal messages of Love, Forgiveness, Compassion and Light. By using the creative visualizations in this program children, youth and families can experience a sense of inner peace, love and joy, creating an environment for health and well-being.

Introduce the Love, Peace and Harmony Heartfulness meditations to the children, youth and families in your life and experience the transformational impact it can have.  – view resources

Arts and Crafts

The Love Peace Harmony Art program is a series of art based projects that can be implemented within any program where the focus is on engaging children, youth and families (e.g. classroom, after school program, early childhood and family programs) as part of the curriculum or with an enrichment focus.

These art based projects embrace the message of Love Peace and Harmony.  Children, youth and families learn how this message can foster well being within themselves, their family, community and the world through self expression and creative art projects based in Love Peace and Harmony. – view resources

Song, Dance and Movement

The Love Peace Harmony Song, Dance and Movement program is focused on joining hearts and souls together to create love, peace and harmony for yourself, children, youth and families. Singing or listening to songs and music with the message of Love, Peace and Harmony helps to bring greater peace and joy. This is because the frequency and vibration of the music helps to balance your energy, and restore natural harmony and well-being.

When you sing, dance and move to the music of Love, Peace and Harmony your heart guides your movement helping to move qi (vital energy) throughout your body to create energy, vitality and good health.

Add activities from the Love Peace Harmony Song, Dance and Movement Program to your day and experience the feelings of joy and happiness that it will bring to you and everyone around you. – view resources

“I have learned Love Peace and Harmony can help me in life and that I can be positive to myself and others. You should always spread positive energy because it will help you to have a better lifestyle. “

– Age 9

“As a school teacher of children with special needs I made great experiences with the song of LovePeaceHarmony to get children calm down. One day the children (age 8 to 10 years) entered my classroom and they were very excited. During break time they were fighting with each other. I started to chant the Love Peace Harmony song with them. And within a few minutes the whole atmosphere in the classroom changed. The children got calm and peaceful. Even the educational staff started to relax and smile. I realized great relief of stress within everyone. I am so grateful to have this tool.”

– Age 50

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