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World Peace Day: A Celebration of Love Peace and Harmony

During the month of September, people in cities, communities, and villages worldwide are engaging in Peace Day activities in diverse and meaningful ways. From education to the arts, social justice to sports, health to the environment, neighborhood issues to service for others, there are many ways to participate. Peace Day provides us with opportunities to build peace and a sense of our common humanity through volunteering/service and learning about humanitarian and environmental issues affecting communities close to home and across the world.

On Thursday, September 21, 7-9 pm (EDT), Master Sha Tao Centre in Toronto will host a concert in celebration of the International Day of Peace. You can attend in person or on the Chanting Channel at tv.Drsha.com.

A Celebration of Love Peace and Harmony with the Love Peace Harmony Ensemble and a variety of performances will uplift our hearts and souls. Polynesian dancers will perform a Hawaiian-style Love Peace Harmony dance. Tao Song and Tao Dance performers, Tao musicians, and a Tao Calligrapher will perform and offer special blessings. Sérgio Xocolate will perform Indigenous Afro Brasilian rhythms and traditional music of Candomblé & Jurema from Pernambuco Brasil, including a very special song to Yemanja, one of the primary Divine Feminine Orixas representing Ocean Mother of us all. There will also be a heart-opening Love Peace Harmony Children’s Performance and a special surprise for every participant.

Let us all join as one in love, peace, and harmony on this special World Peace Day!

Master Sha Tao Centre
1160 Ellesmere Rd,
Scarborough, ON
M1P 2X4