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Teaching Love Peace and Harmony to Buddhist Nuns in Nepal

Master David Kaplan
Master Zelagh Damara
California, USA

Master David and Master Zelagh recently travelled to Nepal to visit a nunnery. They taught over 80 nuns between the ages of 7-27 the Divine Soul Song Love, Peace and Harmony.

The nuns absolutely loved learning the song and came back after class each day to practice singing in Chinese. The Principal commented on how truly healing it was for the nuns to sing the words of this powerful song in Chinese because many of them have experienced tremendous oppression from the Chinese government.

Excited to be ambassadors of love, peace and harmony, the nuns committed to sing this beautiful song every single day and to teach the song to everyone they meet. Master David and Master Zelagh plan to go back to teach the nuns more about how they can connect on a deeper level to truly embody the message of love, peace and harmony.