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Love Peace Harmony Healing for Humanity
Sweet 16 Song Anniversary FUN-Raiser Party

September 12th 3 – 5pm

You and all your loved ones are formally invited to our Sweet 16 Song Anniversary FUN-Raiser Party! It has been 16 sweet years since Master Sha received the Love Peace Harmony song. This is more than a song, it is a message to heal and transform all life. It is a gift to bring the greatest love, forgiveness, compassion and light to everyone and everything… and more than ever during this most critical time on our planet, the world and humanity needs more love, peace and harmony.

Join hearts and souls together this Sunday, September 12th 3 – 5pm for a very special, not to be missed, celebration of this sacred song and all the love that surrounds it!

Hear special messages from special heart and soul leaders from around the world… Experience the original Love Peace Harmony song story from the heart of the ones that were there.

Receive Tao Song and Tao Dance Love Peace Harmony Blessings from leading practitioners including Henderson Ong.

See the first ever debut of a very special NEW Love Peace Harmony song video.

AND… be sure to bring your own cupcake or special treat to the party for a very, very special Love Peace Harmony Birthday Blessing… this is one you will not want to miss!

We welcome you to donate generously what you can to support this special occasion and the transformational work that the Love Peace Harmony Foundation is doing worldwide.

JOIN US at the following LINK: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/96581189961