At a university clinic in Switzerland, pregnant mothers are soothed in the field of Love Peace and Harmony every week.  

Love Peace Harmony volunteer U.B. shares how this wonderful initiative came about, “For weeks I had been looking for opportunities in the volunteer portal where I live in Switzerland. They were mostly looking for drivers, cooks, companions for elderly people, etc. One day, in the middle of November in 2023, I found a university hospital that was looking for volunteers for recreational activities with pregnant women (painting, knitting, handicrafts, and so on). I thought about offering “relaxing calligraphy painting”. My idea was successful – after the interview with the person responsible, I was recognized as a volunteer and given an ID card. My colleague, an art therapist practitioner, and I are now present every Wednesday for 2 hours in the afternoon. Our sessions specifically are organized for women who are either just about to give birth, or here for a short stay because of complications during pregnancy, so there is always a lively change, and we see new faces every week.” 

U.B. shares that, although it is a small space, there is the benefit of being visible to everyone who walks past. Many who do, light up with smiles. 

One woman who is on staff approached the team and excitedly said, “I’m not pregnant, but can I learn this?” 

U.B. shares, “I was speechless. She wrote beautifully right away – I am a very critical, demanding calligraphy teacher! She asked me questions and said in awe, ‘there is so much knowledge behind it!’ She was very spiritual and open.” 

Another woman, who was pregnant with two girls, named Sun and Moon, also participated, and even drew the path of the calligraphy on her belly. U.B. shares, “When she drew it on her belly, her babies moved, maybe by coincidence?” This woman continued practicing before her successful delivery. 

A third woman who participated, according to U.B. soaked in the experience “like a sponge.” After the 20-minute session, this pregnant woman shared, “I feel safety and security.” 

This exemplifies one of the many innovative ways that the Love Peace Harmony Field can be brought in to benefit any aspect of life.