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Spreading Love, Peace and Harmony at an Assisted Living Facility

Master Ximena Gavino
July 15, 2016

Once a month, our Love, Peace and Harmony team visits an assisted living facility in Honolulu, Hawaii. Residents there require extensive medical support.

On our second visit, 15 residents gathered in the big community room. Initially, the residents’ level of awareness and participation varied widely. Many were distracted by interactions with staff to take medications, eat lunch or adjust their position. In general, there was lots of busyness and activity.

As soon as we began a welcoming invocation, the room went silent. As our five-member team moved around the room singing, residents began to sing, others began to smile, and in general the lethargic and disinterested participation transformed to active participation, so much so that a woman whose son wanted to take her out of the room refused to leave.