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The Soul Seva Team brings love to many in India

Sarosh Buhariwala and Aayishah Kondkar
Mumbai, India

The Soul Seva team, led by Sarosh and Aayishah, along with other dedicated students of Master Sha work together spreading the light of Love Peace Harmony to as many people as possible to help them live healthier and happier lives. We serve as opportunities arise, sometimes once or two to three times a week, at different establishments in Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune.

When we visited old age homes in Mumbai, many of the seniors shared that they experienced relief from their pain during the Love, Peace and Harmony meditation. It was heart-touching for us to witness how the feeling of being loved brought tears of joy to many residents.

In serving schools of Mumbai, Delhi, and Pune, the young children beamed with joy as they quickly learned to sing Love, Peace and Harmony. Many students shared that during the meditation they felt grounded and a sense of calmness. The teachers also enjoyed singing along and reported that they felt stress free, totally relaxed, and peaceful. They said they would include the song in prayer time and wanted us to come back to their schools again in the future.

We also visited Government Railway Police Force and Customs Offices in Mumbai to teach them to sing Love, Peace and Harmony as a stress management technique. They reported feeling relaxed and happy after the meditation, and understood the power and significance of the message of the song.

In our society, many children have been abandoned, orphaned, victimized by abuse, or have parents who are simply unable to provide care or a roof over their heads. Knowing this, we decided to go to juvenile homes and shelter homes for children with HIV Aids in Pune to help relieve their suffering. The children were so happy to learn to sing Love, Peace and Harmony and understood the benefits.

The love and bliss we all personally experienced during each session further opened our hearts to serve more. We continue to search for more opportunities to bring love, peace and harmony to the loves of many more.

We are happy to share a few testimonials:

One lady living in an old age home had hurt her hand in an accident and could not close her fist for two years. After chanting and receiving blessings, she felt a vibration in her hand and could open and close her fist. She had tears of gratitude for this huge miracle.

The Principal of a school in Delhi included Love, Peace and Harmony chanting in the school assembly after our session and shared with us that the children have become calmer and more kind, and are also more focused on their studies.

A caretaker in a shelter home in Pune was moved to tears during the chanting session. She felt a release of emotions and said she had never experienced anything like that before.

A shift was felt in the hearts of teachers in many schools who shared that they really appreciated the Love, Peace and Harmony practice because it was so simple and effective.