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Singye Namgyel Primary School, 134 Children & Tao Calligraphy!

Anything that challenges us, humbles us, makes us better human beings. The entire experience of trekking up to Rukha village will forever be embedded in all of our hearts and souls. The small village of 20 households and all of its people including our beautiful host and her siblings who served us 3 very special delicious meals, learnt the soul song of Love Peace Harmony in Dzongkha (Bhutan’s official language) with us and graciously offered us their home for the night will forever have a special place in our hearts.

Etched in our memories are their wondrous smiling faces and their invitations to visit all of the households with their little village. So many precious memories!

I pondered on so many things as we began our journey to the half-way and the village of Samthang. 3 hours downhill through steep narrow meandering trails would be best described as a “knee crunching descent” and yet as I walked past tall rhododendron trees bursting with pink and red flowers I couldn’t help think of the precious people we had just met.

This was the same path they walked every morning and every evening to reach the next closest village to buy supplies or for help. Mothers and children, old and young all walked these same meandering steep trails and they did it without complaints, with smiling faces! This was their life. Just as they had welcomed us with loving gracious smiles into their home.

How blessed I had been to have met them!

The thought of 134 excited children waiting for us at their school in Samthang cheered us on.

We were in for a treat at the Singye Namgyel School!

The children and the teachers had prepared several dances and a play to welcome us. The children were so incredibly bright and eager to learn. The teachers came with open hearts and minds wanting to take something meaningful from this evening.

Master Francisco took the lead in teaching everyone the soul song of love peace harmony. He taught everyone line by line, first in english followed by Dzongkha. Soon the principal, teachers and children were all chanting love peace harmony effortlessly. It was time to bring them all on stage.

Master Francisco was suddenly inspired to have everyone on stage chanting love peace harmony for the world as Master Sande filmed us all. In the next moment 134 children, their teachers, principle, our guides and all of us were on stage chanting Love Peace Harmony!

It was incredible and magical!

However what happened next was beyond our imagination.

Master Orlena began teaching the Tao Calligraphy of Da Ai (The Greatest Love), it completely opened everyone’s heart. Master Orlena encouraged everyone to join their five fingers and trace the Da Ai Calligraphy, it was as if a light bulb went on within their souls! Everyone was standing up and tracing the calligraphy first with their hands followed by their lower abdomens.

They could feel the power of tracing a oneness Tao calligraphy and they quickly understood the importance of allowing the message of the The Greatest Love to become a part of their souls, hearts, minds and bodies by tracing it over and over again.


Soon everyone was using water mats and brushes to begin writing them, but when Master Marilyn offered everyone the colourful chalks the students took everything to another level. All the walls, the floor, every single space where one could write was covered with little ones using their newly acquired Tao Calligraphy skills. Words cannot adequately express their excitement at learning this art and tool to self-nourish themselves. Everywhere the eye could see we saw the character Da.


2 hours later when we asked the principal when was a good time to end the evening, he said we had to teach everyone how to write both characters not just Da but Ai as well. We agreed! Master Orlena began teaching the principle and teachers first, but the children learnt so quickly watching her teach they easily began writing Ai (love) everywhere. Can you imagine a world where every child excitedly wrote the greatest love everywhere! Can you imagine a world where everyone (all souls) spent time creating more love peace harmony! My heart holds a dream that someday every soul will be as excited about writing and spreading the greatest love and singing love peace harmony.


With Love Peace and Harmony


2 Replies to “Singye Namgyel Primary School, 134 Children & Tao Calligraphy!”

  1. So beautiful Master Happy Joy, such a lovely experience connecting hearts and souls for everyone. I wish for the Love Peace and Harmony song to be as popular around the world as the Happy Birthday song! Da Gan En, Greatest Gratitude.

  2. Tears of gratitude and excitement of what to finally become of our world. One Love! Thank you for sharing your journey. It reminds me of my Indian pilgrimage years ago where a group of healers visited a home. The children aged from 2 to 18 were eager to meet with us. They showed us how to dance the bollywood dance Jai Ho. We had so much fun together. Towards the end of the evening, they didn’t want us to leave, holding on to us physically. It was heart wrenching.