In an effort to empower and serve more people and alleviate the suffering of humanity, we are pleased to announce that Love Peace Harmony Scholarships are being made available.

Scholarships are applicable for the following educational programs (includes transmissions):

• Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer
• Soul Healing Miracles Teacher
• Tao Source Communicator
• Tao Calligraphy Soul Healer
• Tao Calligraphy Master Soul Healer

Application Process

Submit a 1 to 2 page application explaining the following:

• Which program you wish to receive scholarship for
• Your current financial situation
• Why you wish to receive
• How as a student you will serve others using the teachings and transmissions received

Submit your application to

Scholarships will be reviewed and granted quarterly. Please plan accordingly, thank you!

All scholarship recipients are required to report the service offered every 3 months in relation to Love Peace Harmony. Scholarships are awarded from donations received for each of the above programs or the Love Peace Harmony general donations.

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