Research Project with Charitable Organization in Delhi

Since October 2015, Soul Healing India has been working on an on-going research project with a charitable organization in Delhi. The organization supports 40 low-income children with physical and emotional challenges, including hearing impairments, muscular and physical difficulties, and cognitive impairments.

The research project involves the following:

  • Chanting Love, Peace and Harmony for 15 minutes once a week with the children and using the Rainbow Light Ball book for healing.
  • Divine Healing Hands Soul Healers offer blessings (remotely) every day to the children.
  • Weekly visits by Divine Healing Hands Soul Healers.

Psychologists from Soul Healing India and the local organization are measuring the impact of the outreach program on the IQ level, concentration, intelligence and behavior of the children. Results of the research project should be available soon.