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Master Sha’s World Tour 2020 of Service to Humanity – Pu`uhonua o Wai`anae

One of the first stops of Master Sha’s World Tour 2020 of Service to Humanity was to Orlena, Keala, John and Patrick Pu`uhonua o Wai`anae, an encampment of over 200 people without housing who have banded together to form a community to rebuild their lives. A majority of the people are from the Native Hawaiian community.(alohaliveshere.org/about) They have built homes out of whatever Jtents, tarps, or scraps they can find. The leader of the camp, Twinkle Borge, actually owns a house, but has chosen to live among those without houses as her way of serving others with unconditional love. One of the residents served by Love Peace Harmony’s founder, Master Sha, is John. John has been in pain since he was hit by a truck on his motorcycle at 12 years old. Even through his pain, he cares for his family, and does security rounds for the community. On top of that, when we arrived John was in mourning for close relative who had just passed a couple hours earlier. When asked what his pain level was, on a scale of 1-10, he said over 100. Master Sha listened with compassion, and then offered the highest Love Peace Harmony blessings. Master Sha, and the Love Peace Harmony team, offered nearly two hours of blessings. In the end, John said his pain level was now at “3”. His wife, Keala, was moved to tears. She expressed her gratitude for the relief of his physical pain, but even more so, for the healing that came to his heart. Twinkle has invited the local Love Peace Harmony Team to come back weekly. The community has raised funds to buy a tack of land to build permanent housing. On this land Twinkle hopes to build a “dojo”, a Japanese word for a hall of immersive learning or meditation. The local Love Peace Harmony Team has committed to support this effort, and Master Sha immediately approved gifting the community a Love Peace Harmony Room to help this community continue to heal.

Watch this heart-touching video: