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How do you prepare yourself – your soul, heart, mind, energy, and matter – to go out to share unconditional service and co-create miracles?


  • Listen with our hearts and souls. Listen consciously.
  • Feel gratitude for everything, including our challenges, as we learn how to resonate empathically with suffering.
  • Be with the suffering, stay in service. When we can be present and not succumb to that suffering within ourselves, we will have a greater possibility for unconditional service during Mother Earth’s transition.

Each one of us is needed. 


The LPH Beacon asked our staff how they prepare to be part of the Love Peace Harmony solution?

What are your personal, favorite ways to transform blockages and be prepared to serve during this Transition?


Stephen Colwell: Serving others brings me the greatest joy and sense of fulfillment in my daily life.  My wife Avi and I have formalized our service by establishing soul healing businesses in Colorado and Ontario. We offer a number of free services including daily and weekly teleconferences joined by students from all over the world, as well as workshops held online or in-person where we share Master Sha’s teachings and wisdom.

It is beautiful to see how people who are facing all kinds of challenges in their lives somehow find and connect with us to receive spiritual teachings and blessings, love, and compassion. I personally enjoy teaching “basic” spiritual concepts to eager new students just awakening to the spiritual journey.  Teaching about the Divine, the eternal soul, finding a spiritual Master, and sharing techniques and practices to advance on the soul journey can give great hope to others and let them know they are not alone in their struggles and, most importantly, that they can heal themselves.  Sharing personal stories from my own life, which I wrote about in my spiritual journey book, Flying With Dragons, and Avi’s life is a great way to resonate with and serve those souls looking for Love, Peace, and Harmony.  May you also be blessed to find ways to serve others and spread Love, Peace, and Harmony in your daily life!


Elizabeth Reveley: I do best with a disciplined practice, time I put aside each day to go deeper to trace, chant, honor Master Sha, Tao, Source, Wan Ling, my teams and treasures. Then throughout the day, I play Love Peace and Harmony music and I sing Love Peace and Harmony to myself and out loud as much as possible. I share Love Peace and Harmony in the medical facilities where Dr Greg is working. I chant my soul language to attract alert and excited new participants. As I wrote in the editorial this month, I practice “loving what is”, being love peace and harmony of my life.


Claudia Thompson:  Sharing Love, Joy, Compassion, Light = Service

Service = Communing with Divine and Master Sha

So naturally, I enjoy serving and feel that it is a sacred act. Love-in-Action.

I put my mind in my Ming Men and strive to see Wan Ling as my family. When our families need our help, we naturally make time to help them. It truly comes from my heart. When our hearts stay open and we make the effort to serve, Heaven fully supports each of us. We continually receive guidance and inspiration. Our paths are laid out for us. We just have to listen carefully.

My favorite practice centers around going into emptiness and being a clear vessel for Heaven to work through me. I really do work on my ego…asking Heaven for more humility and consciously going through each day with more humility, Lastly, I acknowledge Joy and tap into it all of the time. Joy fulfills my soul.


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