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Playing Love, Peace and Harmony CD at charity store

I am a Divine Healing Hands Practitioner in Toronto. I work in a charity store that serves the general public, including mentally and physically ill people in the area. I work five days a week and play the Love, Peace and Harmony CD for about four to five hours each day during my shift.

People like coming to the store. They feel the frequency is different inside the store than it is outside. Sometimes people visit the store two to three times a day, but cannot explain why. I have observed how some very sick people that come into the store experience some form of transformation. When they leave the shop they are happy and, on occasion, have even left their cane or walker behind.

When someone asks me about the music they hear playing, I offer them a copy of the CD and explain how they can use it to ask for blessings. If someone is interested in learning more, I offer a copy of one of Master Sha’s books.

One woman who comes to the store daily with her son who has a mental disability said: “Coming here is so healing.”

What other people have shared:

“You know, I sing this song all the time. It’s now part of me.”

“This song helps me to fall asleep very quickly. It is very relaxing.”

“I find myself humming this song even when I have not visited the store for a while. I actually like it a lot.”

It really touches my heart how this Divine Soul Song serves everyone unconditionally.


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  1. This is so beautiful and such a wonderful service for the store and all who enter there. Keep up the good work! LYLYLY TYTYTY <3 <3 <3