Playing Love, Peace and Harmony in the Classroom

Rosamund Palmer
March 14, 2016

As a high school teacher at a high-needs inner city tech school in Toronto, I teach culinary arts, which was called domestic science years ago. Today students just call the subject cooking.

Many of my students have experienced some form of trauma, which has created mental and emotional challenges in their lives, including depression and sadness. Some students are under great stress from taking on adult responsibilities, including working and supporting their family because a parent or guardian cannot work or find a job. I even teach students who live alone, as they are the only member of their family in the country.

I play Love, Peace and Harmony 24/7 in my classroom. Students are usually very surprised when they hear music playing because I do not allow them to use their gadgets in class.

As I was demonstrating to my students how to use the stoves in our classroom’s kitchen, a student said she could hear music playing. I told her that I was playing Love, Peace and Harmony and I asked her to reduce the volume. However, another student shouted, “No, do not turn it down, it’s clearing my karma.”

Prior to our Christmas holiday bake sale, I asked the students in my second period class what we could do to ensure we have a smooth and stress-free sale. One young man said, “Miss Palmer, you need to play Love, Peace and Harmony much louder.”

The students have embraced Love, Peace and Harmony in the classroom, and it’s making a difference in both their lives and my own daily.


One Reply to “Playing Love, Peace and Harmony in the Classroom”

  1. I love this! Who doesn’t need more Love,Peace and Harmony in their lives? These students are experiencing a deep peace and calm, that enables them to embrace the day. Through the listening of this mantra, it is gently releasing and transforming them. Wouldn’t every child benefit greatly if given the opportunity to have Love, Peace and Harmony fill their classroom? I applaude this teacher for letting the students experience for themselves the listening of this music.
    Healthier and Happier is always a good thing, especially when there has been so little of it in their lives. Bravo, Miss Palmer!