Join others from around the world in making a positive impact on our environment.

Whether it means planting one tree and a few shrubs to beautify your home, a handful of trees at a local school or organizing a large-scale project, everyone has an opportunity to make a big difference. So make planting part of your community’s activities and help us show the potential of our Love Peace Harmony World Family.



If you need ideas or support, contact one of our Regional Coordinators. There are quite a few options to getting started and contributing to the Project. You can either plant on your own, or make a donation to the PAM Project and we will plant for you with our partners at One Tree Planted! If wishing to make a donation, please see step 3 below for further details.

STEP 1: Plan

Before you make a pledge, consider the following questions as they pertain to the goals of your planting project:

  • WHAT type of trees will you plant, how many, and where you will source your tree(s)?
  • WHY are you planting? To serve Mother Earth, filter noise, provide shade, conserve energy, control erosion, clean the air, or simply because you love trees?
  • WHERE will you plant? Do you have a site or location and the equipment needed to plant?
  • WHEN will you plant? What time of year is best to plant in your area?
  • WHO will help you plant? Do you have a committed team for support? And, who will care for the trees once they are planted?

STEP 2: Pledge

Now that you have your plans and goals outlined, it’s time to pledge! If you have more than one planting event, please submit each one separately on the Pledge to Plant form. After pledging, you will receive a confirmation email with further details to support your efforts.

STEP 3: Plant

OPTION A: Plant on your own. If you intend to plant individually or with a group, there is a wealth of information available online about what to consider when planting, and it is good to find the most local resources so that you are planting at proper times and with the right species. During and after planting, consider singing Love, Peace and Harmony, to help your plants grow strong. Click here to learn how!

OPTION B: Make a donation to the PAM Project and we’ll plant for you! Would you like to support our goal of 1 million through a donation and we plant for you? It’s so easy! With our global tree planting partners, you can make a donation to the Plant A Million Project and we’ll send the monies their way and in return, they will plant trees for you! You can designate the location of where you want the trees planted (from our list of options on the donations page) and you can also plant in honor of a loved one! Click the donate now button below to get started!

Donate Now

STEP 4: Care

Here are a few simple tips to care for your plants. You can also refer to our Guide to Caring for Your Plants:

  1. WATER: Careful watering is crucial for your tree’s survival, particularly during the first two years after planting.
  2. PROTECT: Tree roots require water, air and nutrients for survival. Avoid compacting the soil: don’t pile trash, walk, or drive around the tree’s roots. Be sure to check around the trees that other plants aren’t taking over their space or causing damage to the seedlings. Don’t fertilize new trees!
  3. SING: To improve the life of the trees, the soil and all that are interacting with the trees you planted, sing Love, Peace, Harmony.  

STEP 5: Count Your Plants
Share Your Story!

After you plant, be sure to tell us about your project by completing our Count Your Plants & Share Your Story Form

And, remember to share your accomplishment by posting your story, images and/or videos on our Plant A Million Facebook Community Forum. We will also feature selected stories on the Tree Heroes section of our website.

Looking after Mother Earth is a common goal for everyone around the world. It connects us to mother nature and connects us all to each other.


We invite you to join us in the ways that call to your heart:


With the goal of 1 million trees, we need you to get your hands in the soil! Pledge to plant within your own home or community.

Assist us in connecting and networking with local NGOs, schools, nurseries, community groups, and more to learn how to begin a planting initiative or project.

Connect and plant together with your local Master Sha Tao Centre or Love Peace Harmony Centre, local student group, or individually in homes.

Gift a plant to friends or family, or plant in honor of a special intention or day.


Consider offering presentations at your office or at local schools to help create awareness on the importance of trees.

Spread the movement in creative ways on social media; for example, hit up Instagram with photos, Tweet up a storm, or fill your Facebook wall with trees and nature.

Create nature-inspired paintings, dance and sing, write songs and poetry to share.


Bring your local community together and help one another to reconnect and build an emotional connection to trees and nature; possibly document and share your experience to inspire others.

Create activities for children, friends, family members in your community to connect more with nature; for example, tree hugging, tree climbing, picnics in nature, singing and giving love to nature.

We're looking for like-minded organizations to help make this goal a reality.