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International Peace Day Global Meditation

Organized by the Love Peace Harmony Connection Family
(Global Mission Youth Group)

Youth have always played an important role in all major movements in the history of the world and been instrumental in bringing change since time immemorial.

Inspired by this vision, the youth of our Love Peace Harmony World Family decided to unite as one to bring positive change on Mother Earth and spread love, peace and harmony through various projects and initiatives in order to create a better world.

The twin goals of our youth movement are to help create a Love Peace Harmony World Family uniting all humanity as one, and to inspire youth worldwide to live to their highest potential, be their true selves, and contribute to this vision of a global family in their own unique ways.

One of the important initiatives in our movement was to offer a Global Peace Meditation led by Master Teacher David Lusch on World Peace Day. The motive of the global peace meditation was to gather hundreds, and possibly thousands, of old students and new participants to join together for one powerful hour of spiritual teachings on the importance of world peace, the power and significance of the Divine Soul Song Love, Peace and Harmony, followed by a profound meditation.

Our goal was to create a powerful global meditation movement, unlike ever before. We envisioned gathering thousands from all over the globe—people from all countries, religions, traditions, groups, professionals and more, beyond all differences—to join hearts and souls together and meditate for one cause of World Peace and create a powerful vibrational divine field all over Mother Earth.

We will offer similar global meditations in the future and serve, serve, serve—to create a happier and healthier world!