a horizontal and blurry visual of colors displayed in the background. starts with yellows and greens, progresses to red and finishes with blues and purples.

Miracle of Water Through Love Peace Harmony


I live in the basement of my family home. One day my father came by and told me that there was no water. I was surprised because I had just turned on the tap and the water was running. I went upstairs to check, and there was no water anywhere, not even in the outside taps of the house, except in the basement. This was strange because the same water pipes supply the whole house. 

I realized the power of Love, Peace and Harmony music and immediately felt the presence of light by my side. I cried in gratitude as I was making organic, lactose-free ice cream for my clients. I would have had a huge delay in my ice cream production without the water. 

I knew deep in my heart that the frequencies of Love, Peace and Harmony music contributed to this huge miracle. Deep gratitude to Master Sha for this treasure, teachings, wisdom and the powerful soul song that I recommend to everyone.


– Lydia Dalmat