a horizontal and blurry visual of colors displayed in the background. starts with yellows and greens, progresses to red and finishes with blues and purples.

Love Peace Harmony Rooms

56 Love Peace Harmony Rooms are serving around the world. This means that there are Love Peace Harmony Fields being created in 11 different countries, serving 8 different languages. Each of these connects to the Universal love Peace Harmony Field, bringing higher frequency and vibration onto Mother Earth. 

We offer you this moment of silence to connect heart to heart, soul to soul with this field for healing humanity.

Daily, around the world we continue to sing and trace for our individual communities. We are all one.

Diana Viktoria Masson
Located in an Organic Hotel in Germany.
Diana says,

“… to me a major aspect is to allow to experience the power of the LPH Room. I am not offering “teachings”, not to explain that much, just guiding how to connect on a very simple way while facing Calligraphies with one or both palms”.

I love to do this is:
I connect with the calligraphies and ask people as they sit in front to close eyes, take a few deep breaths with both palms on lower abdomen. Then I ask them to just think of one thing where they would love to have more love, more peace, more harmony in their lives. As they connect with their request, I ask them to breathe gently. The LPH mantra instrumental is playing already. I explain that the Calligraphies are able to help bring their request to them. They are asked to put one hand on the Message Center to feel how LPH comes to their situation and after a few moments of this experience they are asked to cover their eyes gentle with one palm. I suggest they start to look at the situation – a relationship, an event, a person through eyes of love of peace of harmony… few moments and then we return with one palm to Message Center and one palm below navel … sharings are amazing and sometimes tears of great release.


Dr. Jeudi Boulom

I was invited to be a part of  Tacoma Healing Awareness Community – THAC Meeting. There were 17 people in the room and two people on Zoom (Duong Tran and Porsche Ing)

There were five powerful women and two men who are doing grassroots work for this community.

I asked them to write down three things:

  1. How do you feel about the energy in the room now?
  2. What is on your mind now?
  3. Do you have any discomfort or pain?  if so, what is the level of discomfort or pain?

Then I explained about energy, frequency, and vibration.  How words, thoughts are energy vibration.  How certain words, sounds, music impact our behaviors. People who are sad, depressed, angry or afraid are vibrating at a low frequency and this is impacting their outlook in life and health.  Where those who vibrate at high frequency, they are in true Joy, Happiness.  LOVE PEACE HARMONY are words that vibrate above 500 hertz.  When we vibrate at 500 hertz or above, we are happier and healthier.  We see things clearer and become more productive.   Love Peace Harmony Foundation’s mission is to bring Love, Peace, and Harmony to the world.

We listened to Love Peace Harmony music for five minutes. Then I asked the participant to write the three things again after the LPH.  After they listen to Love Peace Harmony for 5 minutes with me tracing the calligraphies, they all reported a change in the room atmosphere, as well as lower pain levels. It also gives them hope and they feel more grounded.

They want more of Love Peace Harmony.  They asked me to come back.