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Love Peace and Harmony and “Peaceful Moms, Happy Babies”

The Soul Mind Body Healing Center in Vancouver has a Children’s Outreach program that includes a monthly class for new moms called “Peaceful Moms, Happy Babies.” Young parents are invited to the Center to learn about the power of the Love Peace and Harmony soul song. They are taught the song and people share their experiences with it. Everyone is given a copy of the CD to take home.

One member of the team, Monique Giard, shares a great success story of Love Peace and Harmony with her newborn grand-daughter in Spain. Her daughter-in-law called in distress because the baby was very agitated and would not sleep. Monique suggested to play the CD, so her daughter did, and the baby immediately calmed and went right to sleep. They recorded it in the video to your right.

The Vancouver Center is also partnering with well-known toy store nearby, who has agreed to post the Center’s flyers for this class. They are looking at further ways to partner with them.