Love Peace Harmony Loveraiser in Toronto

Steve Reiss
August 3, 2016

The first Love Peace Harmony Loveraiser in Toronto was a historic event filled with soul inspiration, music and community-building.

The event began with social networking that brought community change-makers across Toronto together to share their projects, ideas and dreams in the spirit of love, peace and harmony. This was followed by a stunning array of performances at the concert of light.

All proceeds from the event will benefit six worthy causes that are bringing positive transformation to communities across Toronto and beyond. These initiatives include the following:

Syrian Refugee Family Support Program — SMART (Syrian Mentorship Action Resource Team)

SMART acts as a bridge for families that have fled the ongoing crisis in Syria. All funds we receive from the Love Peace Harmony Toronto Loveraiser will be used to provide essential support for refugee families that have recently arrived in Toronto. Our aim is to welcome them into our community with open arms and to ease the settlement process by providing them with essential household items, children’s school supplies, groceries and more.

Power Pack Bag Drive — Winter Warriors

Winter Warriors is committed to providing year-round continual relief and support for Toronto’s homeless population. All funding we receive from Love Peace Harmony Toronto’s Loveraiser will go toward our Power Pack Bag Drive that will provide Toronto’s homeless with knapsacks filled with items that they will need to keep clean and safe during the summer months. Personal hygiene products, reusable water bottles, sunscreen and more will be provided to those we support.

At-Risk Youth Meditation Programming — PACT Urban Peace Program

This 8-week program offers at-risk youth the opportunity to learn a variety of different mindfulness practices that will provide Toronto’s at-risk youth with the tools required to deal with ongoing stress, challenging emotions, relationships and other issues. Each week will consist of new mindfulness practices and teaching that will allow for deeper self-insight and an opportunity to share feelings in a safe and supportive environment.

Angels In the Dust Fundraiser — Golden Helix Art

Golden Helix Art is a collective of artists that find the heart in art. The pieces we create are both healing and uplifting, and we partner with charities worldwide to provide them with funds from all pieces sold. All funds received from the Love Peace Harmony Toronto Loveraiser will go toward creating a benefit art exhibit for Angels In the Dust, an orphanage in South Africa for children living with HIV/AIDS.

The Turtle Lodge Bunkhouse Build — Rainbow Warriors Rise

Rainbow Warriors Rise is a movement to inspire awareness and actualization of the First Nations prophecy of a united humanity forged in universal wisdom. All funds from The Love Peace Harmony Toronto Loveraiser will go toward The Turtle Lodge International Centre for Indigenous Education and Wellness in Manitoba. The Lodge requires funds to build a bunkhouse to house people of all races, colors and creeds who wish to experience greater harmony in their lives through the teachings and practices of Manitoba’s First Nations.

Community Arts & Leadership Youth Programming — RISE Edutainment

Reaching Intelligent Souls Everywhere (RISE) is a community led by youth and comprised of artists, activists and free-thinkers. The funds from Love Peace Harmony Toronto’s Loveraiser will go toward funding weekly open mic programming at Burrows Hall Community Centre in Scarborough. These events allow for youth across Toronto to express themselves from their hearts and souls through their own art so that they can evolve into Toronto’s leaders and visionaries of tomorrow.