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Love Peace Harmony in the Slums of Mumbai, India?

People always ask me, “What made you think the Love, Peace and Harmony soul song was needed in Mumbai, India?”

I had the honor and privilege of working three years in India. And everywhere I went, and later when my sister Marilyn joined me everywhere we went, we always brought the soul song Love, Peace and Harmony. The reason was simple: The song was easy and fun to learn. And from experience, we knew that singing this song could be deeply healing for people, including healing from really serious conditions. The reason for this is that the Love, Peace and Harmony soul song is sacred and comes from the Divine. It carries Divine and Source love, forgiveness, compassion and light. Every time it is sung there is a deep connection and immense power.

In India, often learning the song and receiving a healing blessing would be the only contact countless Indians would ever have with Soul Healing and the mission of Master Sha. Yet, because of the high frequency and vibration of this healing and transformative song they would have a treasure they could use for a lifetime. They could share Love, Peace and Harmony with their village, community, family and friends. And many did just that.

In fact, at one point a very enthusiastic and prominent man took it upon himself to create one million copies of Love, Peace and Harmony, translated it into the major languages of south India and then distributed the CDs throughout the region. The song was sung and CDs were distributed at conferences, workshops, events, meetings, neighborhoods, villages and much more.

It is hard to put into words how deeply moved I was to see the impact on old and young, rich and very poor, of singing Love, Peace and Harmony. My sister and I saw very small children clutch the CD cover to their hearts, close their eyes and sing Love, Peace and Harmony with their whole hearts and souls. And we watched their communities change … less violence, more harmony, quick healing and increased learning capacities. We watched patients, long forgotten by family and friends, in a leprosy hospital in Mumbai do the same, and use the song to heal their many heartaches and pains. They used this for themselves and offered this simple song with love and tenderness to each other when no other recourse was available. Their faces changed, their eyes brightened and everyone felt better.

There are countless stories of healing and transformation with the Love, Peace and Harmony song.

This may seem simple…and it is. But it is also very, very powerful. When you sing, everyone on Mother Earth and every soul benefits. The only way to truly understand how this works is to sing the song and notice how you feel. Sing for 15 minutes every day and then let us know how you feel. Ask others to join you, then let us know what happens.

This is the way we will change our world. We will become the song we sing. We and everyone who is singing this regularly will become the living presence of love, peace and harmony.

Love and gratitude,
Master Patricia