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We welcome you to join Master Sha for our Love Peace Harmony Celebration! Throughout 2021 our amazing volunteers, backed by our generous donors, have been creating small and large miracles of Love Peace Harmony all around the world. As we look back on this year, we are both humbled and awed by how much we have accomplished together. Let’s gather together as one global community to celebrate our successes and the impact of Love Peace Harmony. Together, we really are healing and transforming the world!

Join us on Sunday, December 19th from 1-3pm at this link: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_itVMg4pzQ9CvfqKIn2-99w

For Translation Lines, please call:

Canada: +1 (306) 500-1584
US & other locations: +1 (267) 930-4000
For regional numbers refer to: https://divineservices.drsha.com/rc-regional-numbers/

German: 065-898-210#
French: 238-303-963#
Dutch: 189-689-688#
Spanish: 390-395-933#