Love, Peace and Harmony and Nature

Gloria Kovacevich
September 8, 2015

A number of years ago I had contacted Master Marilyn because of a persistent ant problem in my kitchen. She taught me how to do Soul Communication with them about how to bring Divine Light to their home. They were attracted to my home because of the Divine Light presence. This worked great usually within a few minutes to a few hours and all the ants would be gone.

A few years ago I had noticed a leaking faucet in my yard and knew I needed to fix the leak. Every day I would go out to my office, notice the leak, and remind myself to fix it but didn’t. I was working with a client in my office four days later and by this time my lawn had flooded. We had just finished a deep meditation practice. She was facing the back wall of my office and I was sitting 90 degrees to her. She opened her eyes and said, “Oh my God, look at your wall!” I looked and it was completely covered with big red ants. They were not only on my wall, they were in and on my desk. They were in the drawers of my desk, of my credenza, and file cabinet, and in the files themselves. I immediately knew it was because I had destroyed their home by not fixing the leaky faucet.

I turned to my client and shared this with her and said, “Let’s do a sincere forgiveness practice with the queen ant of this colony and sing Love, Peace and Harmony.” I did a really sincere invocation, suggested where they could build a new home out of my backyard where water would not be a danger. After we finished chanting (at least 10-15 minutes), I silently asked the queen ant, “How long will it be before you leave my office?” I heard, “About 24 to 48 hours.” I went back to my office in 24 hours and all the ants were gone except for two “guardians” who were on the wall next to my glass French doors. I went back again within 48 hours and all the ants had totally gone.

I am so grateful to Master Marilyn for this teaching. I am very grateful to Master Sha who has shared this divine treasure with humanity and all souls. I am very grateful to the Divine, Tao, Source of all who gave this wonderful gift. I’m happy to share my story to inspire all of you for ways you can share this powerful treasure.