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Kids Coaching Connection





For adults who want to help kids
be happier and healthier!


Friday, October 28, 3:00 pm – 6:00pm EST
Saturday, October 29, 10:00 am – 6:00pm EST
Sunday, October 30, 10:00 am – 6:00pm EST

Enjoy the very best relationship with the kids in your life!


Normally, the registration fee is $1000
For our Love Peace Harmony Community,
Susan is reducing the fee to only
$200 USD!
all registration fees are going to the
Love Peace Harmony Foundation

to support our work with
Children, Youth and Families!





Wondering if the Kids Coaching Connection© program is for you? Listen to what people are saying about this award-winning International Coaching Federation ACSTH program:

“Kids Coaching Connection is a gift from Heaven! I now have communication tools that reach out to my 13-year old daughter and work. To have healthy tears, laughs, smiles, and hugs when talking about teenage stuff is life-changing.” ~ C.D. Step-mother




The Kids Coaching Connection© program is aimed at teaching adults to coach children and youth of all ages to become more prepared for life. Participants will learn easily applied coaching skills that support children and youth in discovering their values and virtues, guiding them towards becoming happier and healthier. The Kids Coacing Connection© program has a unique approach. It focuses on the heart and the mind. It will help you to develop all aspects of their being so they. Can tap into their Magnificence.

The Kids Coaching Connection© program will empower teachers, parents, caregivers, counselors, mental health professionals, parent educators, coaches, etc. to take relationships with children, youth, and families to a whole new level with Love Peace and Harmony. It is the proud recipient of the internationally acclaimed PRISM award through the International Coaching Federation.

The Kids Coaching Connection© program is a coaching education program approved by the International Coaching Federation.


Susan is a leading-edge Certified Life Coach, International Best Selling Author (Awaken your Inner Hero and Dreaming Big, Being Bold), University Instructor, Metaphysical minister, Speaker, Trainer, Social Entrepreneur, Humanitarian-Award Winner, past finalist for Canadian Coach of the Year, and International Coaching Federation PRISM award winner.

Susan is the lead for the Love Peace Harmony Committee for Children, Youth and Families. She is a certified Tao Source Communicator and Soul Teacher, as well as a Tao Calligraphy Practitioner and a Tao Hands Practitioner.

Susan is a possibility thinker who inspires others personally and professionally. She connects people to their hearts and souls, helpi9ng them Manifest their Magnificence through her products, coaching and training. She empowers children, youth and adults to create a better world for themselves and others. Both her “Manifest Your Magnificence©” affirmation cards, and the fully approved International Coach Federation kids Coaching Connection© program, have won awards for their transformational impact.


$200 USD registration fee goes to the
Love Peace Harmony Foundation

to support our work with
Children, Youth and Families!