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Master Sha’s World Tour 2020 of Service to Humanity – Kahauiki Village, Hawaii

Love Peace Harmony Foundation supports the after-school program at Kahauiki Village, Hawaii. Our founder brings Love Peace Harmony healing art to formerly homeless children and mothers rebuilding their lives.


Master Sha made the first outreach trip of his World Tour 2020 to Serve Humanity. He joined the Kahauiki Village after school program to teach Love Peace Harmony. The Kahauiki Village is a community of formerly homeless families who are building stable lives together. The children learned to sing the Love Peace Harmony Song, and began learning Tao Calligraphy. The Love Peace Harmony Team donated Love Peace Harmony MP3 Players, Da Ai Cards, and Love Peace Harmony bracelets. Many of the children want to become Messengers to spread the Love Peace Harmony Song among their families and friends. Local volunteers will continue to teach the children Tao Calligraphy, and will start a Love Peace Harmony Room for the village in February.

Watch this beautiful video: