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Serving the under-privileged in India

Master Jennifer Mistry
Soul Healing India, Mumbai

Jennifer Mistry and Soul Healing India bring the Soul Song Love, Peace and Harmony to those who are suffering and also to those who help support them. The impact of bringing Love, Peace and Harmony to the following groups has had a positive impact on many lives.

Adopting 10 street children, Dr. Sharayu Ghole started Sumati Balwan High School with Mr. Ajay to serve all the village children around the outskirts of Pune City who come from extremely low income groups. The school has reached out to all the children of the nearby villages. The children in the school learned the Divine Soul Song Love, Peace and Harmony. Additionally, 25 teachers were taught healing techniques with Sha’s Golden Healing Ball. Soul Healing India donated Love, Peace and Harmony MP3 players that are used 24/7. The school staff observed that the children were more grounded, peaceful, and happier.

At Shirdi Sai Baba Home for Aged Blind Women of PBMA, Pune the group taught blind women, who had been abandoned by their families and left on the street, to chant Love, Peace and Harmony in Marathi (Indo-Aryan language). Unbalanced emotionally, they often fought among themselves at night. Finding it very difficult, the two nurses taking care of 50 women were taught to use the sacred soul song of Love, Peace and Harmony and Sha’s Golden Healing Ball to enable them to take better care of the blind women. Soul Healing India also donated Love, Peace and Harmony MP3 players. Eager to learn, the women became more peaceful and happy in the field created in the Home by playing Love, Peace and Harmony 24/7.