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Heart Talk

Heart Talk with Love Peace Harmony


First Tuesdays of Each Month


12 – 1 pm EST, 9 – 10 am PST, 6 – 7 am HST, 5 – 6 pm CET 

And for other time zones a replay is available here

Public · Hosted by Love Peace Harmony Foundation



Celebrating the extraordinary capacity of the human heart!


About this Event:

Join us for Heart Talk with Love Peace Harmony hosted by Diane Fujio, Co-Director of the Love Peace Harmony Foundation and Sara Baker, Master Teacher of the Tao Academy.  Each month Heart Talk with Love Peace Harmony showcases people’s stories of their life struggles and successes and honors what they did to make a difference. By listening to their experiences with an open heart and mind, we then can discover our own desires, courage and abilities to take action. For the person sharing their experiences it gives them the resilience and strength to move forward to another level.

Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, shares the wisdom that together we have the power to heal and transform by changing the message. Message is soul or information. If that content of information is negative or stagnant, then we can change it. The heart is the receiver of the message and the mind the processor and creator of that consciousness for that message. The body carries the energy and holds the message in the matter. If the message is positive one of love, peace and harmony then we hold it in our hearts and minds and let it move us into acts of compassion and kindness. If the content of information we harbor is negative, then we would want to transform the heart, mind and body and replace the message with one that is positive, loving and kind.

Soul as the highest information can be changed by transforming the message. Heart Talk with Love Peace Harmony has the possibility to change your soul message and create new, positive outcomes and actions.

Past topics have been Domestic Violence, Universal Children’s Day, Mental Health and Wellness, International Women’s Day, Pathways to Peace, Interfaith Harmony Week, International Aids Day, and the Magic and Mystery of Mother Earth. Each monthly topic session is followed by related weekly Heart Talk Meditations.


These weekly practice sessions are shown on LPH Foundation Group Facebook Live: 


on Tuesdays

12 – 1 pm EST, 9 – 10 am PST, 6 – 7 am HST, 5 – 6 pm CET and for other time zones the recorded replay is available.