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Heal World Violence

In 2010 my sister, Master Patricia, traveled to one of the worst slums in the world with a goal: to bring the Love, Peace and Harmony movement to an area of the world suffering from poverty and violence. There she taught the Love, Peace and Harmony soul song along with Master Sha’s Universal Forgiveness Practice to two Anganwadi teachers in the Chitah Camp of Mumbai, India. Those women then taught their students and their families Master Sha’s song and practices.

Almost instantly, the teachers saw huge changes in the health, wellness and the behavior of their students. News of these changes spread through the Anganwadi teaching community and now 30 other teachers want to include these resources in their classrooms and in turn teach more than 12,000 students and their families how to do these practices in their homes. By September 2013, nearly three quarters of a million lives were touched by this beautiful, yet powerful soul song and practice.

Soon after, I joined my sister Patricia in Mumbai to help with the movement. Together we witnessed amazing things. It’s a beautiful thing to hear four and five year olds singing about love and peace in their classrooms, and then actually seeing the direct relationship to how these practices have changed their environment.

If Love, Peace and Harmony can bring about change in one of the most horrific poverty situations, imagine what it can do for everyone else in the world? People all over the world can help bring about harmony and change the world one song at a time.

Love and gratitude,
Master Marilyn