Grow Love Globally With Plant A Million!  

Love is the very pulse of Mother Earth’s Heart

It is the pulse within you.

It’s what brings peace and harmony closer together.

It lives and grows in the physical planting of trees, but also in everything we do.


Message below from Plant A Million coordinator and conservation ecologist, Tara Muenz to learn about the GROW LOVE initiative:

The Plant A Million project continues to stretch far and wide across this beautiful planet thanks to you! Beginning this August we are starting another big surge of loving energy to reach one million trees/plants planted through the theme of Growing Love and we ask YOU to join us!


How can you be pollinators of ‘Grow Love’?

See below and check back often for updates!  


#1: Donate to the Plant A Million project to plant trees in honor of friends, family members, special days, and to give love and appreciation to Mother Earth!

Through our partnership with One Tree Planted, you can plant trees towards our goal of one million as every $1 USD donated = 1 tree planted! You can also tell us where you would like your trees planted, so if a part of the planet speaks to you heart, please tell us! Here’s the link to donate (search for the Plant A Million Project):


#2: Show us where you are Growing Love!

With your hands in a heart shape (or a similar heart!) take an image of where you are growing love either with the plants you are planting, a forest you appreciate and want to share, or where you are planting the seeds of love mentally, emotionally, and from the heart. Be creative! Then post on our social media channels with #GrowLovePlantAMillion

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PAM Instagram @plantamillion

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Coming later this month are special live (and recorded) events with Plant A Million superstars that are spreading the message of Grow Love in their corners of the world and will share their experiences and tips with us! 

  • Singing for the Plants with Tara!

    Every Sunday in August at 1pm EST on the Love, Peace Harmony Foundation’s Facebook Page, join PAM coordinator Tara Muenz, raising the vibration of the planet through the power of plants!


  • Artists for Love Fundraiser for Plant a Million:

    Rahul of Raja Rhythmix, will be raising awareness and donations for the PAM project with a special song he created about forests beginning the week of August 24th! When asked why he chose to benefit this project: 

“Plant a Million” is a cause I hold much esteem for. As this album “First Forest” is an ode to the forests that give us our oxygen and breath of life, I believe the rejuvenation of our woodlands is a paramount issue. To feel deeply for the trees that provide habitat, clean air and healthy lives for all organisms is a type of eco-empathy that makes us stewards for a better planet. My music on this album is a tribute to the forests that birth life, and a call to remember and hold that love for generations to come. I am thankful that donations from this song will support such a beautiful campaign, to re-seed and revitalize our precious Mother Earth. 


  • Tree Heros from Austria to Australia, August 18th (7am EST/1pm CEST)/August 19th 9pm AEST!

    Join us for a LIVE Q & A with our PAM plant divas! Learn how they have organized and engaged people in their plantings bringing Love, Peace and Harmony on the ground and in the heart. Click here to register for a Zoom link or find us on the Plant A Million Facebook Page live! 


  • Meet One Tree Planted! August 26th, 3pm EST:

    Learn how our partners, through your kind donations, are planting millions of trees across the globe and their magic recipe for success. Click here to register for a Zoom link or or find us on the Plant A Million Facebook Page live!



  • Revitalizing Australia After the Forest Fires:

    Live from the Sapphire Coast New South Wales Australia,  join Love, Peace Harmony Care volunteers on August 22nd who will be taking root to revitalize an area affected by the bushfires from 2019 and 2020. They will share live footage and stories and how through planting trees they are rejuvenating, restoring and growing love in this part of the planet. Check out their project page here.  



We can’t wait to Grow Love together across the planet with you!

Tara Muenz

Plant A Million Coordinator


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