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Fundraising activities for the Bhutanese children

Sara Brauner
Ottawa, Ontario

I am a school teacher in Ottawa. In a staff meeting, I presented my ideas to raise funds to help the Bhutanese children. I was given permission to go from class to class to promote the project and elicit student participation. The response from all the students was overwhelming. Their hearts connected immediately to the plight of students in Bhutan.

Everyone wanted to help and the students brought their own supplies from home and donated their time, supplies, and effort to create beautiful elastic objects. The atmosphere in my classroom was continuously happy as children worked, laughed, and created together. The older students lead the younger ones by organizing and directing the artistic activities. The junior students made props for the jewellery pieces to rest on and created posters to market and advertise our fundraising event.

Posters were displayed on all the levels and areas of the school. The children came to my classroom over the 6-week period to create artistic jewellery pieces to sell at our Love Peace Harmony fundraiser.¬†We raised $160 which was donated to the Love Peace Harmony Foundation to help Bhutanese students have proper school supplies. An announcement was made over the intercom throughout the school as a wonderful achievement of everyone’s time and effort.