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FROM ONE TO ONE MILLION, thank you Plant-A-Million participants!


“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed, citizens can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

― Margaret Mead


On behalf of the Love, Peace, Harmony Foundation, THANK YOU! More than ever, the time is NOW to raise our hearts, our voices, and our hands to the larger call of bringing love, peace and harmony to the planet through assisting Mother Earth physically. Our kindness can show in the soils we touch, the trees we plant, in the water we bring to these plants, the words we say to them, and in the beautiful air we breathe in exchange with love. Your every movement, and you being you in the name of this Project, are critical.

2019 Reflections: Closer to 1 Million
Every plant placed into the earth this past year, which has been 10, 956, and overall for the project is 25,594 plants, is a light beam for Mother Earth. One that physically supports the planet, promoting healthier ecosystems, enhancing wildlife habitat, stabilizing river banks, and all of this shows her our love and appreciation. The Plant a Million Project (PAM) is truly a unique and special way of harmonizing the planet, and we need more plants in 2020!

Caption for the above: 400+ kinds of plants have been included so far in the Plant A Million Efforts!

Where do You begin? A few tips for you!

TIP#1: Become inspired and know you are not alone! Over 4,500 individuals have volunteered 31,000+ hrs to PAM. Find inspirational stories from around the world on the tree hero’s page of the website and regional coordinators who can support you on this page.

TIP #2:  Find a partner, find a partner, find a partner!  From schools to garden clubs, conservation groups, to within your own business and family, there is strength in numbers. Do not feel the pressure to plant 1000s of plants, start at a level that is doable.  And know this project is more than trees. Any kind of plant species qualifies!

TIP#3: Take time to be in silence with Mother Earth and your participation in the Project.  Ten minutes or more meditating with the idea of the PAM Project,  asking the Earth to share with you her heart and guidance, can be very helpful and calming.  Once you get a few ideas, again, feel free to reach out to a regional coordinator to discuss further.

TIP #4: Confused about the PAM steps of involvement? Visit this page which outlines each one including: Plan, Pledge, Plant, Care and Share!



So what is the vision for 2020? To continue spreading the seeds of Love, Peace and Harmony. Please continue to pledge, but also record any plantings you have made at any time throughout the project through the link on our website.

And to help grow our numbers, be on the lookout for better partnership opportunities, translations of our resources, and more videos and reaching out from  me!

Thank you again for each and every plant you have brought to this project and know I am here to support you in any way I can. We can do this, and remember to experience and spread the JOY and LOVE of this planet!


With One Earth Heart,

Tara Muenz

Plant A Million Project Coordinator