Francisco Quintero about Love Peace Harmony Foundation

I wish in 2020 that you will go deeper within your heart and soul and discover your true purpose of service.

By Francisco Quintero

I have been on the spiritual journey for over eighteen years now with Dr. and Master Sha. Each year has filled my heart and soul with love and light that has allowed me to serve in a power powerful way. Many times, people ask me how I managed to be on this journey for eighteen years, and what has kept me going. Today I want to share with you what has kept me going year after year, even in times of personal difficulties and challenges, there is one thing that kept me moving and growing in my journey. What has kept me going? It is the feeling of gratitude in people’s hearts when I have served them with everything that my spiritual teacher and father, Master Sha, has shared with me.

The Love Peace Harmony Foundation has offered me extraordinary opportunities to go out in my community, and around the world to serve in unique ways that touch people’s hearts. Let me share with you one of these experiences.

In 2017, the Love Peace Harmony Foundation went to Bhutan to serve the in the rural communities. Some of the villages consisted of just a dozen homes or less, and children would travel long distances to go to school. In one village after teaching the children how to sing Love Peace and Harmony in English and Dzongkha (Bhutanese), one of the leaders of the village spoke to us from his heart with deep gratitude. It is the type of gratitude that comes from deep within the heart, not just words. He thanked us and shared that many people have come through the village but only as tourists.  He experienced the sincere desire of the Love Peace Harmony Team to uplift and heal, to empower them with the message of love. He was so grateful for our personal attention. I felt it bubble up from deep within his soul and heart. It is this feeling of deep gratitude that touches my heart and gives me energy with a powerful feeling of purpose in my life. Receiving this deep love and gratitude illuminates the purpose of my life, and encourages me to completely trust that I am on the right journey.

I’m deeply grateful for the Love Peace Harmony Foundation because it has empowered me to go out and serve. Each time I serve, and someone shares their gratitude from the depths of their heart, I am moved. It touches my heart. It gives me the energy to move forward no matter what challenges I am facing. It gives me the fortitude to move through blockages to continue my spiritual journey.

I wish in 2020 that you will go deeper within your heart and soul and discover your true purpose of service. Your heart and soul will be uplifted and nourished beyond words. I thank the Love Peace Harmony Foundation for all the love they bring to each us around the world.


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  1. Beautifully moving story, thank you for all you and Master Sha have been doing to serve humanity. Will you come to Guyana?